James Arthur interview: You’re Nobody single is a ‘reintroduction to me’

James Arthur has said he hopes his new music will be a “reintroduction” to him, with the singer-songwriter keen to make a mark with his own self-penned work following his time on X Factor 2012.

The singer-songwriter and X Factor winner had a massive hit with his first single, a cover of Shontelle’s Impossible, which became the fasted selling single of 2012 and was nominated for a BRIT Award. We saw him live at the Sundown festival last month and was suprised just how much he swears!

James Arthur
James Arthur

It was a great start in the industry, and gives James something to live up to, as he explained to stv.tv’s Gill Harvey.

“It is a bit of pressure [to live up to], it’s a good pressure though. Nobody puts more pressure on me than myself, so to have that standard is a good thing I think.

“And I intend to try and emulate that with the songs I’ve written. Obviously somebody else wrote [Impossible]. So it’d be really nice to achieve the same success with a song I’d written.”

Now James is hoping to make such a big impact with his new material, which showcases his talent for song-writing as well as his roots as a soul/hip-hop/rock artist.

“The new single, the best way I’d describe it is a bit of a reintroduction to me… grabbing people’s attention, getting them back. Interesting them in my music. It’s very hooky and soulful. Musically I think it grabs you,” he said.

The new single, an old-school blues, rock and soul track called You’re Nobody ‘Til Somebody Loves You, will later be followed by James’ self-titled album,

which will be released on November 4, and offers a different kind of sound once again.

“The rest of the album is a little more intense, a little bit cinematic and the elements of soul you get in You’re Nobody, but then there’s the honesty you

get with Impossible and all the words coming from myself. I just hope people relate to it.”

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