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Singer/songwriter James Robb chats with MarkMeets in a new exclusive interview on the set of his latest photoshoot.

The young star has been gigged all over the country and is now set to unleash his own solo material.

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We first met you at live and unsigned last year and though you were amazing, what have you been working on since?
Since then I’ve really been focusing on writing a lot of my own original material, and doing a lot of gigs and showcases to get experience and stuff around London.

How did you start out?
I began doing Youtube covers a lot. Now I’m going many  writing sessions and writing with all sorts of people!

Tell us how it felt to be working on a music video for one of your original songs?
It was pretty crazy! I’ve done alot of making covers on Youtube and that to build up my fan base thought to make a video for a song that I’d written is quite surreal really!

We shot ‘Sleeping with the light on’ in Camden, London and it should be out this spring. I was walking between crowds and you have to shake your inhibitions to sing it in public and not really care whose watching. It was a lot of fun!

If you could support any artist at the 02 who would it be?
Alive, it would have to be someone like John Mayer as I am a HUGE fan. His song writing ability is really important as an artist to be able to write your own material so it comes from a really real place. He is one of the best people at doing that and that would have been a massive dream.

And maybe someone who has passed away who was a big inspiration for you growing up?
I think it would have to be one of the soul legends though it’s not really what my music is at the moment.  I’ve been massively influenced by people like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye so one of those two.

Which bands do you like at the moment?
I see a lot of that on Twitter as it’s hard not too! Doing a lot of gigs I always come across new band, I like a lot of The Vamps stuff, they seem really cool like a new McFly. They are definitely a band to see live.

Day of shooting. #SleepingWithTheLightOn
James Robb Day of shooting SleepingWithTheLightOn

You are on the same management as Mila Falls, how would you describe her?
She’s really fun with lots of personality. I love her music

If you were ask to join either Busted or McFly, who would you choose?
They’re both cool but if I had to choose one it would be McFly. They’re a guilty pleasure. Or I’d just call it even and join McBusted.

What 3 possessions could you not live without?
My phone for facebook and twitter, notepad for writing and probably a guitar

What was the last film you saw?
I’m really bad with films but Titanic came on the  TV the other day and I was made to suffer through it!

So it’s a big year for you with your EP due for release
Yeah, I’m really excited!

Thanks and we’ll see you soon.
Yes, be good to see you and the team again cheers!

Interview by Mark Boardman (Founder and editor of MarkMeets) plus freelance media journalist.

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