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Lady Gaga has shared her beauty tips having revealed an unusual step in her beauty regimen.

The ‘G.U.Y.’ singer uses facial tape to keep her skin taught and to shape her eyes.

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In an interview with the Mirror, Lady Gaga spoke about how applying tape to her face is part of her daily routine.

Gaga explained: “When I have my wig cap on and I’m taping my face, it’s a sort of meditation for me. Every day, it starts the same way. It’s like a mantra.”

She went on: “I wash my face, I pin my hair back and put on a wig cap and I ask, ‘How am I going to form my eyes today with this tape? How will I pull back my neck with tape?’”

28-year-old Lady Gaga told the newspaper that she uses facial tape “every day” in a bid to “look younger”.

Talking more generally about her approach to beauty and her appearance the ‘Artpop’ singer stated: “Looking artificial can be honest. Being glamorous can come from a place of authenticity and a place of love.”

Lady Gaga recently informed her Little Monsters that they should prepare themselves for an “epic party” when her artRave: The ARTPOP Ball tour commences in May.

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