Martin Freeman on Sherlock future

Martin Freeman last starred in Sherlock five years ago, but die-hard fans’ appetite for more has, if anything, only grown.

And for those desperate to see Benedict Cumberbatch’s sharp-witted detective reunited with his faithful (and, let’s be honest, long-suffering) friend John Watson, actor Martin Freeman has some relatively promising news.

He doesn’t know whether Sherlock will ever return to screens, but says “it’s never a completely shut door.”

“I don’t know,” he emphasises. “Personally, I’m a fan of things being finite. I like things ending. I think it’s natural for things to end.”

However, Freeman is also intrigued as to what the future could hold for Steven Moffat’s much-loved drama series were it ever to be revived.

“But I’m also a sucker for a good idea and a good script,” he adds. “If something comes up that persuades us all – it would have to be us all – then my door would always be open.”

Earlier this year, Sherlock co-creator Moffat said it might be “too sad” to bring the show back without the legendary actress Una Stubbs, who died last year at the age of 84.

Moffat said he’d “do Sherlock again tomorrow”, adding: “Why ask me?

“Mark [Gatiss, co-creator] would do it tomorrow and Sue [Vertue] would do it tomorrow – we’d all just do it again!

“It’s down to Benedict and Martin,” he explained. “They were very loyal to that show over a very long life when it definitely became their lowest paying job. And I don’t think that’s necessarily what they want to do now.”

“There’s just one little problem,” Moffat continued. “It’s actually one big problem that none of us might be able to get past. Where’s Mrs. Hudson? Where’s Una Stubbs? And maybe if we reassemble that set, and she didn’t magically appear, we might all be too sad to make a show.”

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