Matt Goss says ‘Coming out of my shell is genuinely very challenging’

Singer Matt Goss opened up about his struggles

Matt on tomorrow night’s dance: ‘All I know is that my knees are hurting! The jive is relentless from start to finish and it completely takes over your life. It does allow you to eat as much curry as you want because you burn so many calories but it’s intimidating. It’s also been a lot of fun though, and I’m looking forward to dancing it on Saturday night.’

Strictly’s Matt Goss has finally ‘acclimated’ to life in UK after fears he’d be a recluse

On whether he’s wearing tight trousers to gain extra points from Craig: ‘Absolutely not! Although they don’t leave a lot to the imagination….! Look, I’m quite a shy person off stage, I’m certainly quite reserved, but when I’m on stage I do feel very at peace and it’s the happiest place for me in my life when I’m on stage. Off stage is difficult for me, so this environment is challenging emotionally, coming out of my shell is genuinely very challenging.

There’s no ego in my heart and it’s just about that moment when you have to come out of your comfort zone. On stage four nights a week in Las Vegas is definitely where I excel and where I feel very connected to an audience, but this experience is all brand new to me and I just have to put that Vegas showman into the dancing.’

Matt Goss returned back to the UK ahead of his stint on Strictly Come Dancing after over two decades. He says he feels he has finally ‘acclimated’ to life in the UK now amid fears he’d be a recluse.

Strictly Come Dancing star Matt Goss feels he has finally “acclimated” to life in the UK amid fears he was going to be a recluse.

The Bros star is competing alongside Nadiya on the BBC One Latin and ballroom show and he was thrilled to avoid the bottom two last weekend after a Top Gun: Maverick themed dance during Movie Week.

Matt scored 21 out of 40 and found himself joint second from the bottom of the leaderboard, but he was thrilled when he sailed through to the next round.

The singer- who moved back to the UK after over two decades in the United States – explained how he felt he has finally got used to life in the UK again as he appeared on It Takes Two on Wednesday.

He said Strictly was a great way for him to stop being a recluse in life after he previously spoke about how the trauma of his mum’s death left him feeling reclusive and in a very dark place.

Speaking on the spin-off show, he said: “I think getting home and feeling at home and making sure things are alright. I feel much more like myself and now the public kept us on, it was a real boost and lifted our spirits.

“That last week, he found like he was finally saying he was home and he has arrived. With Strictly and the new dances, it’s all go go go. The weeks felt like it was so many things. And last week, it really felt like he arrived.”

He added: “I had to acclimate… It’s incredible. Living in the States for 25 years and all the black cabbies and everyone around. They’re so supportive. I feel like I have an extended family in the British public and for my spirit, I need that.”

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