Meghan Trainor predicts solo success for 1D star

Singer Meghan Trainor has tipped Harry Styles for the top after he joined the same management company as her.

The singer is now represented by CAA after One Direction went on a prolonged break at the end of 2015.

Meghan Trainor Harry Styles

Whatsmore the 22-year-old has signed to Dawbell as a soloist

He is expected to launch a solo career and it seems Trainor is expecting big things from Styles.

He previously co-wrote her song ‘Someday Maybe’ and the US star thinks the Brit will quickly build on his success.

She told the Daily Star: “We have mutual friends – he’s signed to CAA like me and Adele.

“CAA do everything, movies, sport, and are kind people, they nurture your career and he will be huge.

“Harry is killing it out here in the US, songwriting for Ariana Grande and myself – he’s really talented. I can’t wait to hear what he’s got going.”

Harry Styles split from Modest Management recently, the company that handled One Direction for the band’s entire run. He signed instead with CAA’s Jeffrey Azoff (who, funnily enough, threw the birthday party Harry attended with Kendall Jenner and her mom Kris). It also means that Harry will be based in LA a lot more — so that’s good for his relationship with Kendall, and everyone else stateside, right?

What does the future hold for Harry?

Solo music and movie stardom we predict!

Harry held studio sessions Harry had with Irish band Kodaline way back in 2014 and he has over 40 songs listed on ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), many are for the tracks he’s written for One Direction or other artists like Ariana Grande. What makes the above four so different, is that they are the first song titles to be registered under Harry Styles as a solo performer.

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