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Mila Falls has the energy of a tornado leaving a wave of glitter in her path. Her style is stomping beats, soul vocals and a wicked left hook. Taking time out from her busy schedule, she speaks about music, fashion, travel and more with MarkMeets in an exclusive interview.

Mila Falls

Mila’s career has taken her on adventures supporting Ringo Starr, writing her debut album with Grammy-Award winning producers, and becoming ‘smash of the week’ on radio 1Xtra featuring on S.Chu’s Oh My. She recently took time to chat with MarkMeets in a exclusive interview.

Collaborating with established filmmakers, stylists and fashion designers to unleash her vision, Mila is hard to ignore.

Gigging across the country Mila has played over 200 sets in 2013 alone gaining support from Radio 1’s Annie Mac, nation wide BBC radio stations, Boy George, Gordon Ramsey and even Johnathan Ross. Aside from working on her own material Mila’s career as a songwriter has been juicy.

You performed over 200 times last year, do you miss home whilst you’re away?
A little bit, I was tired though I love performing and got used to the hecticness of it! I battled through the fatigue having only had 4 hours sleep some nights. I really love my sleep and I love touring. I have lots of gigs booked in this year.

What is the largest crowd you have performed too?
Probably about 5000-10000 thousand, it’s hard to be actually sure. That was when I was with Ringo Starr on tour. I played lots of pride festivals last year with Liverpool probably being the biggest one. There was a sea of people supporting Amelia Lily. It was great being on the big screens!

Which modern day songwriters do you look up to?
I love Rudimental, I think they’re really good songwriters, they write HITS! My friend Tom is their singer on tour, so I have really been playing attention to them. The John Newman song is on their tour and I love that band…they write such catchy songs.

On stage
On stage

What song would you have most like to have written yourself?
Ooooh! What a tough one! I’m gonna go with Gyptian “Hold You (Hold Yuh), because it’s super catchy, random choice!!

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
About 45mins, I’ve got quicker; I used to take a couple of hours but now I’ve got a make-up artist. It depends if I’m doing it or if she’s doing it as she is ten times quicker than me. I’ve got got a big show, my make-up artists will take 30 mins whereas I will take an hour though if it goes wonky I’m like ‘Take it off’, try again’.

Where do you normally clothes shop?
I get them all through fashion PR companies. I saw them giving an outfit to Pixie Lott for her big show so we get the same clothes, amazing. What I’ve got is unreal! All the A-listers get the same clothes. I’m like ‘OH MY GOD’ here’s me and the day in it before Rita Ora is wearing it. So, I’ve got stylists who set me up with fashion PR.

Who is your style icon?
Not similar to me I would say Paloma Faith is amazing, nothing like what I wear but she just goes for it. She is very visual and I love that about her.

Do you have a celebrity crush?
I recently watch a Jake Gyllenhaal film, I love him and his face. I also love Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from True Blood. When I 8 on my wall I had Tupac and the Backstreet Boys.
That’s bizarre!
Yeah, so contrasting!

You have been booked to gig in Ibiza, what would you pack if you could only take 5 things.
Number 1…Really big false eyelashes! Hair brush, a pot of glitter, bikini and sun cream.


Do you have a motto you live too?
My main one is “If you are gonna do it, do it well”. Do it a million percent if you wanna be a singer so get out there and sing rather than sitting in your house, so it’s ‘All or nothing’, it kills me sometimes but that is who I am.

You gigged at the Garage, London recently…I met Justin Bieber there back in 2011. How do you think you would handle his level of fame?
Your life would be very surreal I think. You would become quite self-obsessed! I post enough pictures of myself online so people probably think I’m vain. Everyone is at it and you have to join in the party. I think it would be hard to keep the real you and you would go a bit nuts after a while.

What’s your new single ‘Voices’ all about?
I had a track out last year and Boy George keep tweeting me saying ‘Is that you on it?’, and I was like ‘Yes Boy George, HI’. My manager contacted his management saying ‘Shall we work together please’ and he emailed back within 10 minutes saying “Yeah yeah, great we know who you are”. I nearly fainted WOW. They sent a song that was made by Marc Vedo and I wrote ‘VOICES’ on it in about 2 hours and sent it back and got it signed to a European dance label. Kiss FM have played it, hopefully it’ll be on Radio 1 and Capital, it’s getting lots of support from the DJ’s.

My goals is to do what I am doing know but stepping it up! Bigger gigs, bigger radios and taking it out of the UK. I like to have people around who are doing similar stuff but who inspire me and make me work harder because they are a few steps ahead, like Mike Hough and Sam Callahan.
(We chat about Mike and how we have seen his rise over the last three or four years). Mila said: “I can remember doing a gig with Mike to only 20 peole thinking “This guy is amazing”. He has a uber fanbase that just seems to grow and grow! That is inspiring!!

Photoshoot time!!
Photoshoot time!!

What’s coming up?
I’m doing three big shoots this month with some amazing stylists. They are gonna be more surreal so that is really exciting. I’ve got loads of stuff to confirm like festivals and that type of thing. My Starlight Ep which is ready to go with the video already!! It was really fun to play six characters. There is gonna be a big stompin house re-mix for it too so that will be fun; hopefully that will be in the clubs and I will be doing loads of PA’s.

James Robb said some very nice things when I spoke to him recently.
Ahhh, James Robb is such a sweet, a brilliant voice and a big talent. When he finished his first album which he is working on now it’ll be so good!

Thank you MarkMeets, your support means a lot to me.

Look out for the brand new single Voices, out now exclusively on Beatport, available on iTunes from 21st April 2014.

Mila is keen to continue to contribute to the industry as a songwriter.

Look out for the brand new single Voices, out now exclusively on Beatport, available on iTunes from 21st April 2014.

Marc Vedo Feat. Mila Falls – Voices

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Interview by Mark Boardman (Founder and editor of MarkMeets) plus freelance media journalist.

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