Nathan Sykes Interview on Love, Tinder and Music

Singer and musician Nathan Sykes has revealed that he doesn’t actively go out looking for a relationship because it never seems to work out when it’s that premeditated.

News that he prefers those serendipitous meetings that happen organically and doesn’t really have a lot of free time at the moment for love:

Nathan Sykes
“I certainly can’t. But it’s one of them things, if you go looking for it, you’ll never find it! It always happens in the most unexpected of places. I am just not going to look and then it might happen! I can’t be arsed with dating apps I would be terrible.” he told yahoo.

He went onto add that someone set up a Tinder account for him once in the studion: “When I was writing the album one of the producers tried to get me on Tinder, he was like ‘mate it will be hilarious.’ So I signed up and the girls were like ‘your not Nathan Sykes,’ I was like ‘brilliant.’”

The ‘Over and Over Again’ sensation is setting his sights on worldwide success and won’t rest until he has made a name for himself internationally.  

23 year-old feels incredibly lucky to still be able to release music and thoroughly enjoys everything he does as a solo artist:

“I feel very fortunate, I have friends at home who are just leaving Uni and getting into their first job. It is really good to say that I have already travelled the world and had some incredible experiences. I am bringing out my second debut album which is cool.”

He went onto add that he wants to crack the American market: “Everyone dreams of making it all around the world so I am concentrating worldwide. In America I have had some great support from the radio stations. We are just about to release my new single Over and Over there; it’s got a lot of airplay in the US already,which is incredible.”

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