Will.i.am talks mens clothing and The Voice

Singer, producer and tv coach will.i.am admits ‘I don’t have any casual clothes’.

41 year-old will.i.am has a set of clothes he wears every day and considers to be his “uniform”.

So all now know that will.i.am doesn’t own any casual clothes, because he likes to look like he’s onstage all the time.

The Black Eyed Peas star has built an image for himself over recent years, and is now known for wearing a certain kind of outfit. And in an interview with Q magazine, will admits that this is exactly what he was aiming for when it comes to his wardrobe.

“I make sure that all my clothes look like I’m onstage,” he explained. “I don’t have casual clothes. And it’s all me: short black pants that are loose fit, black turtleneck; my blazers, a hat, some funky glasses… that’s my uniform, my clothes, my daily, my day-to-day, my casuals, my sophisticatedness (sic).”

The 41-year-old musician does mix things up on special occasions though. When he attended the American Music Awards back in 2010, will opted for a baseball cap made of Lego to ensure he stood out on the red carpet.

But he didn’t break apart the headpiece when he got home and start making a Lego toy, the singer laughed.

“It’s just a hat, a Lego hat,” he smiled. “Was it uncomfortable? No. I wear a lot of hats. But not lots made of Lego? It depends if I’m trying to build!”

will is certain to have started planning his wardrobe for when he makes his return as a judge on U.K. TV talent show The Voice later this year (16).

He confirmed he will be coming back to the programme earlier this month, while also revealing he is set to act as a judge on new show The Voice Kids as well.

“I’m delighted to be continuing The Voice UK and being a voice of direction and guidance for the usual suspects,” he said in a statement.

The remaining judges for this year’s panel have yet to be confirmed.

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