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Nick Jonas released his new self-titled solo album after the separation of the Jonas Brothers. The singer spoke to Pure Charts on its need for freedom, his hit “Jealous,” the provocative image of her friend Miley Cyrus, his desire to work with Kylie Minogue or Pharrell, and commitment to the gay community.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas

Hello Nick. You come back with a solo album, musically quite far from what could you do with the Jonas Brothers or even solo before. Why this new sound now?
I think I needed renewal, push my limits and artistic in terms of creativity. I wanted to soul, R & B influences. It’s the music I like to listen. I collaborated with authors and talented producers. During this process, I found out who I really was as an artist.

We feel that you have desired this new sound. I guess you needed freedom. This desire to change, that’s what motivated the separation of the Jonas Brothers?
Yes I Am. Obviously, there were other issues that ended with Jonas. But one of them was the artistic director, changes in general. We wanted to try to grow, to know a little better who we were, but I had a very clear vision of what I wanted for myself.

So you were in the Jonas Brothers, and your last solo album was recorded with The Administration. This time you’re alone at the controls. What’s the difference?
It’s very special. It’s amazing to have a career behind me and restart something now. Being solo is … refreshing. This is a new beginning.

But it’s also more pressure?
Yes, of course. In both the positive and the negative. But I think I am guided by the pressure. I never take “no” for an answer. (Laughs) I rush, I have great ambition.

This album is labeled “R & B / alternative pop.” You did not say it was risky to come up with this style of car you were a Jonas and secondly because fashion was rather to electro and dance?
Yes it’s true, but in the end you do what you think is more organic. Whenever I try to write a hit, or what I consider to potentially be a hit at this time, I know I’m already past, the trend is before me. This is reality! So I try to have a different approach. Now I’m glad “Jealous” has found its way into the US market, and what is happening with the radio, it’s really cool. The goal is just to create what seems natural and true, it affects people and why not it becoming a tube.

You did not tell you that your fans would be a little lost listening to you in this niche there?
If, of course, is one of the things I told myself. But we are here to create and not be blocked by fear. I think we did better things when one is free.

Nick Jonas
Nick Jonas

For this album, you have cited influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to Prince, to the Bee Gees, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean. Is it sometimes difficult to be taken seriously by the business or urban public after being part of a boy band pop?

Yes, I feel sometimes. But again, if you have the right approach, people will accept you. But I just want to make good music, which seems fair and sincere. I did not worry too much about what people think. After I do what I can to the opinion of the people is changing and help them receive my music and the message I deliver my projects.

But with this album, as we have said enough different, you also wanted to break the image of a member of Disney boy band?
Yes, to varying degrees, I knew that with this album, my image would evolve. I was part of a group of guys, and now I’m an adult. I logically borrows steps that allow me to build a sustainable career as an adult, with what it means: the musical maturity in the influences in the topics you approach … there always has things that change, we can not remain the same person forever. You have to evolve.

Many former Disney stars have encountered some setbacks, were a cure because of the drugs, health problems …. How do you explain it?
(He thinks) I think there was a lot of pressure in the Disney system. But there also when you’re young and you’re famous, period. You have to meet a certain image you interested groups of people … And it can reach you. Growing up is hard enough, so grow up with this pressure is even more intense. Your life is suddenly very watched, and you’re vulnerable. It can interfere with your head. Fortunately, I was surrounded by my team. But some people do not have that. Then they fight against this thing, under the gaze of the mass. And that complicates everything.

You’ve felt this pressure?
Yes I felt it, of course. That’s why my goal with this new chapter in my career, it’s not to be frightened by anything, to be myself, especially when I give interviews or in my lyrics. There is less pressure, I can really be myself and not worry about all that.

Your single “Jealous” became the most played song on US airwaves. You felt she had something special when you were in the studio?
Yes I Do! It’s interesting, because it’s a very personal song. Sometimes you’re more transparent and intimate, the more it becomes universal. People can identify with you live, what you’re going through. I do not necessarily thought that it would become a hit, because you never know, but I felt there was something special after I’ve recorded. I played the title to my management, they loved it and asked me to play it again and again. (Smiles) There was a particular reaction, stronger than anything I’d done before. At one point, for two weeks, I just verses and chorus, I was missing the bridge. I was anxious because I had to turn the series “Kingdom” and I could not go back in the studio for quite some time, so I had to finish it at all costs.

In this song, you speak of your vis-à-vis jealous of other men and your girlfriend. It can be seen elsewhere in the clip. But you you sang at the Miss Universe election recently. She was not jealous?
(Laughs) No, she’s not very jealous. She has great confidence in her and she feels good about herself. And she has already won this competition so it was quite comfortable in the room!

Nick Jonas suit
Nick Jonas suit


During the promotion of your album, we saw many half naked in magazines or on Instagram …
Really? (Laughs)

Is it part of a marketing strategy?
I do not really know … Of course, there are those who were in a strategic sense. After that, it is important to show people how I became physically because they knew me when I was 15 years old. For “Kingdom”, I often half naked, but that’s my role and I have to be in shape. Finally I try! (Smile) After I do not calculate, it is like that. The other thing with this new stage also is that I want to have fun, not to take myself too seriously and enjoy the moment!
But it can help to have more success …

Has it helped? Yes, maybe. People who are interested in me in this way were able to look after my other projects. After that, I know there are a lot of elements that make it work well, and it is.

You were very close to Miley Cyrus in the past. What is your perspective on his new image, very challenging?
I think it rocks! It has positioned itself as one of many different ways icon. She made courageous decisions, particularly in the world of fashion. Musically, it followed too. She assumed her new image, its transition.
“I must have some incriminating SMS”

But when you’re a pop star, that your audience is young, you do not have a responsibility?
No, I do not think so. When you become a pop star or famous, you do not become provided a model to follow. It’s up to you if you want to become one. Miley, what she wants is to be a free spirit. Me is to be who I am, to be comfortable with that. After I try to do some pretty wise choices in my life. So if people want to take me to model, they can. But this is not necessarily a goal for me.

Recently, private messages between you and Taylor Swift became public. When CelebGate came out with all these photos of naked stars, you were afraid to be part of?
(Laughs) Yes .. In fact, I always ask myself when I do something. Today, everything can come out. But my messages with Taylor had nothing too bad, we were just two friends trying to give is go for a drink. But hey, I guess there was some SMS I sent to people who might be incriminating and to talk if they left. (Laughs) I try to be careful. But hey, you never know … It is our privacy. While I understand that it could interest, I find that this is not a good thing to violate people’s privacy. But then sometimes you can not do anything, it happens …

Moreover, in these leaks of private photos, these are only female celebrities who have been affected. Why, in your opinion?
(Laughs) Because I think it is much less exciting for men to send such photos … (Laughs) I think that’s it! After that, it depends on the people, opinions and what you like to receive as photos. (Smiles) I do not have all the answers … But it’s also good to remember that sometimes the pictures you take are likely fuiter on the Internet.

During your various interviews, you have many defended the gay community. Coming from a straight man, it is quite surprising. It was important for you to be as a spokesperson?
Yes … You know, I grew up in a very religious home but very open-minded. I made a lot of movies when I was little, so I was exposed to the world when I was very young. I’ve had friends very young gays. I just felt it was important to spread a message of love, that we are all equal and we deserve to love who we want to marry anyone they want. As a straight guy and “pop star” is a huge opportunity to speak out loud and share that vision. This is something close to my heart, for I have many gay friends, and it’s also important to them.

You defended the gay cause you placed in a gay magazine A “Attitude”. Some have seen this as a marketing strategy. You were aware before making these choices?
Yes of course. Critical there as soon as you do something … After it’s you, the way you see things. People who think that are wrong because my goal is just to help people to be more tolerant. I think any sensible person should raise their hands and say it is for gay marriage, people have the right to love who they want … It’s a positive message, only there to advance the cause . And that’s very important, especially now. Ignorance will always be there but you can choose to be or not. My gay friends have always supported me, it’s my responsibility to support them too. I am grateful to have them in my life.

Nick Jonas black and white
Nick Jonas black and white

You have a signed a publishing deal with Universal Music Group, to write and produce for others. Do you already have any leads?

Yes, I had my first dance number one last year with an artist I have produced the title “Parachute” Olivia Somerlyn. It was really exciting to experience that. And I hope it will continue. I really love to write and produce for others. There is so much music in my heart and in my head I’m sure I’ll see a lot of songs to offer …

You’re already thinking about some artists?
Yes, many people actually. I’d love to work with Kylie Minogue for example. She has a great career, and the United States it would be great to see it explode with new titles. So maybe her. After that, I’d love to work with Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran …

Your new single “Jealous” I immediately makes one think of Pharrell. Would you like to work with him?
Oh yes! I’d love to. It’s funny that you say Pharrell me because people always tell me different artist names.

As such, “Jealous” is also often compared to Michael Jackson. Last year, Timberlake recorded a virtual duet with him. You would have accepted if they had offered it to you?
Absolutely! Michael Jackson is a legend. There is unfortunately no longer with us, but I took my tickets to go see him at the O2 before he dies. I was super excited … But of course I would have said yes. After he and Justin already knew so this is why it is he who has been chosen to save the title. And that’s great!

You’ll be part of the cast of the series “Scream Queens”. Can you tell us more?
You know, Ryan Murphy is a very secretive, which protects all its projects. So I have absolutely no right to tell about it. He asked us all not to say anything. What I can say is that the cast is really good, there are very talented actors and the story is very interesting. It will not be what people expect … It’s always like that with Ryan. I am delighted to be part of this adventure!

And bear clothes this time?
I think yes! (Laughs)

You will share the poster of “Scream Queens” Ariana Grande and Lea Michele. Two singers voice. Which shouts the loudest in your opinion?
(He laughs) I do not know, these are two excellent singers! But I guess they do not go too cry on set to protect their voice! (Laughs) They have a lot of talent. After, I know better than Ariana Lea Michele. We wrote a little together there for a while. We’re friends and that’s cool. Lea, it will be an opportunity to get to know.

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