Sigourney Weaver Interview

SIGOURNEY WEAVER speaks about surviving a gorilla attack, her favourite Alien movie and her ambitions to appear in the new Ghostbusters movie.


Star of the big screen, Sigourney Weaver spoke to Jonathan Ross about being attacked by a gorilla, reviving the Aliens franchise and vying for a part in the new Ghostbusters film.

Recounting the story of being attacked by a silverback gorilla when she was filming Gorillas in the Mist, Sigourney said: “I did have one worrisome experience where there was a big, big silverback named Ziz who was about the size of a very big refrigerator.”

She continued: “On this particular day, Ziz was not in a good mood… Sure enough after a couple of minutes he got up and he beat his chest and he roared right up the hill at me… And he knocked me down and I stayed down which is a good move and that’s when you really can hear your blood moving through your veins, it’s very loud and finally he moved away from me and started to terrorise a gorilla up top and finally I started to crawl away into the underbrush and we ran into [a scientist who was working on the film] and he had this huge grin on his face because finally someone from Hollywood had gotten their comeuppance with a gorilla and he said, ‘Well you’ve just joined a very exclusive club, you’ve just been hit by a silverback gorilla!’”

When  asked which of the Aliens films was her favourite, Sigourney – who played Ellen Ripley – joked, “That’s like asking me which of my children I love best… I like each [film] for different reasons… If Neill Blomkamp does the last one, I will like that one the best!”

On the prospect of a fifth film for the franchise, Sigourney said it could be likely: “[Neill has] done a lot of the artwork and he seems to be writing the script and it looks pretty good but you know, it’s showbiz so… my fingers are crossed.”

On watching herself back in movies, Sigourney admitted that she hated to but could just about manage watching comedies she has appeared in: “I don’t have my films, I don’t have a little library of my films, if Ghostbusters is on I might watch that or Galaxy Quest. If it’s a comedy, I’ll watch it.”

She continued: “I’d watch a comedy for a few minutes probably. Because the comedies are always ensemble comedies and they’re wonderful and I think I made some nice comedies. I like them, I’m very fond of all of my memories of them but the serious films, I don’t know that I would want to watch them.”

On appearing in the new Ghostbusters film, Sigourney admitted she would want to play, Slimer: “I imagine they might ask any of us [from the original cast] to walk across the street. I did say to the director that I would love to play Slimer, Slimer might have evolved into me… I’m ready for that now.”

Sigourney also admitted that her daughter isn’t phased by her work: “She’s not really interested, I’m basically her mother. She’s older now but she didn’t really look at my films. Basically my job was to be her mother and then I did this other thing over there.”

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