Normani has ‘new music on the horizon’ after signing to new management

Normani, the former member of the popular girl group Fifth Harmony, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her solo career. With the signing of a new management deal and the promise of fresh music on the horizon, Normani is poised to make her mark as a solo artist. Let’s delve into the details of her latest developments and what lies ahead.

A New Management Direction

Normani’s journey takes an interesting turn as she joins forces with a new management team led by Brandon Creed. This new partnership brings her under the same management umbrella as acclaimed artists such as Mark Ronson, Charli XCX, and Troye Sivan. Brandon Creed, in collaboration with Lydia Asrat, will be at the helm of Normani’s career, marking a significant shift from her previous association with S10 Entertainment’s Brandon Silverstein, from whom she parted ways in May.

Excitement for the Future

The transition to this new management team comes with the promise of fresh opportunities. Normani and her team are thrilled about the prospects that lie ahead. With new music on the horizon and the experienced guidance of Asrat and Creed, Normani is ready to explore uncharted territories in her musical journey. Her excitement is palpable as she steps into this new chapter of her career.

Taking Time for Artistic Growth

Normani’s approach to her solo career is characterized by patience and a commitment to artistic growth. Despite the anticipation surrounding her solo album, she has remained steadfast in her decision to release it only when she feels fully prepared. This determination reflects her dedication to creating music that truly resonates with her artistic vision and personal growth.

Finding Her Musical Identity

The journey from being a group member to a solo artist has given Normani the space to discover her unique musical identity. She openly shared her process of exploration, stating that she needed time to define her sound and lyrical direction. Stepping away from the group dynamic allowed her to delve into topics that hold personal importance, giving listeners a genuine introduction to her true self.

Overcoming Challenges and Resilience

Normani’s path hasn’t been without its challenges. As the only black member in Fifth Harmony, she candidly expressed feeling overlooked at times. This feeling of being unseen and undervalued was mentally taxing. However, Normani’s journey is a testament to her resilience. She acknowledges the support of her loyal fans who have been by her side from the beginning. Their unwavering belief in her has played a crucial role in her journey.

Looking Ahead: Normani’s Promising Future

As Normani steps into this new phase of her career, the future looks promising. Her collaboration with Brandon Creed and Lydia Asrat adds a layer of expertise and guidance that can elevate her artistic journey. With her patient and purposeful approach, Normani is gearing up to unveil her solo album and share her authentic self with the world.

In conclusion, Normani’s evolution as a solo artist is marked by deliberate choices and a commitment to her artistic vision. With new management and fresh music on the horizon, her journey is poised to captivate audiences and showcase her true identity as an artist. Through challenges and triumphs, Normani remains an inspiration, showing that resilience and authenticity pave the way for a remarkable artistic journey.

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