Olivia Rodrigo says it’s impossible not to struggle’ in music industry

Olivia Rodrigo has admitted it’s “impossible not to struggle” with her intense lifestyle.

A New Decade, A New Album, A New Life—Olivia Rodrigo’s Next Chapter.

‘The Drivers License’ (a song she wrote about her first heartbreak) hitmaker was asked whether she has struggled with confidence setbacks and how she handled the lows of her career.

“I mean, completely,” the 20-year-old singer answered candidly. “I think it’s impossible not to struggle with such an intense lifestyle like that but I think I have a really wonderful support system around me and wonderful parents and a wonderful team and wonderful friends and I really rely on them.”

Olivia continued, “I don’t know what I would do without that but yeah, it’s a pretty crazy time and I’m grateful for all of it but it’s definitely a lot.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Olivia whether she holds herself back or puts “it all on the line” when she channels “raw emotion” in her songs.

“I mean I think it’s a little of both, I think when you’re writing something and you’re in that creative flow you can never think about ‘Oh is this too intense, oh my gosh am I going to like upset people,'” the singer explained.

“I think maybe that comes after because you know l think it’s impossible not to think about that but I really try to just think about how I feel and what I want to say when I’m sitting at the piano.”

Rodrigo became a global celebrity, with the minutiae of her private life suddenly a matter of rabid public interest; when she released her debut album, Sour, that May, she became the first artist in history to get her first three singles in the top 10 of Billboard’s Hot 100. The album’s been streamed more than 40 billion times globally, as if every human on this planet had listened to that indelible bridge—red lights, stop signs—five times. “You could tell she really believed in the lyrics,” Carole King told me. (Rodrigo counts King among her major influences.) “And that there was substance behind them, craft and substance.” But the rocket ride she took to fame’s stratosphere is not the shift that’s on Rodrigo’s mind right now. “Somehow, all of that totally pales in comparison to turning 20,” she says. “The rest of it feels minuscule compared to that.”

Olivia’s second studio album Guts is set to be released on 8 September.

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