Olly Murs admits ‘I thought those days were gone’ as he splits trousers on stage

Olly Murs: A Night of Music, Laughter, and Unexpected Moments

Olly Murs, the beloved singer of “Dance with Me Tonight,” brought both music and unexpected entertainment to his audience during his recent performance. The pop star’s lively gig in Stoke on Trent took an unexpected turn when he accidentally ripped his trousers on stage. In a world where everything is shared on social media, it didn’t take long for Olly to address this amusing wardrobe malfunction with his fans.

A Humble Admission on Social Media

After the gig, Olly took to Twitter to address the situation, displaying his characteristic sense of humor. The 39-year-old former X Factor finalist wrote, “For anyone that noticed.. yes I did split my trousers tonight.” Alongside the message, he added sweating and crying-laughing emojis, giving his 6.7 million followers a glimpse of his good-natured response. He even confessed, “I thought those days were gone.”

Fans React with Amusement

As news of Olly’s trouser mishap spread, his followers flooded the comments section with their amusement and surprise. One fan, Zoe, wrote with laughing emojis, “Omg I didn’t even notice!” Another named Bethany chimed in with a playful remark, “I’m fairly certain you actually enjoy it.” The comments were a mix of light-hearted jest and genuine affection for the pop star.

Unexpected Boos and Cheeky Comebacks

Reports from the evening reveal that the audience initially booed Olly when he informed them that he was single at the start of his tour but had since gotten married. Olly, not one to shy away from humor, cheekily responded to the boos, saying, “You have missed your chance with me.” He then revealed his happiness about being married and proudly displayed his wedding ring, prompting applause from the crowd.

The Fairytale Wedding of Olly Murs and Amelia Tank

Olly’s personal life has also been in the spotlight lately, especially after his recent wedding to his long-time partner, Amelia Tank. The couple tied the knot in a dreamy ceremony held on the secluded Osea Island in the Blackwater Estuary. This picturesque location served as the backdrop for a truly magical celebration of love.

A Proposal with Scenic Views

The journey to this fairytale wedding began with a romantic proposal. Olly proposed to Amelia on June 4 of the previous year, during a breathtaking moment on a clifftop in Cornwall. The stunning natural surroundings set the stage for a heartfelt moment as Olly asked Amelia to be his wife. The couple’s journey from proposal to marriage has been nothing short of heartwarming.

The Joyful Celebration

Given Olly’s status as one of the UK’s most beloved pop stars, it’s no surprise that the wedding weekend was a joyful extravaganza. The celebration, fondly referred to as “Murs Fest,” featured a lineup of top-notch musical performers, including Olly himself and R&B star Craig David. The festivities kicked off with a welcome barbecue attended by close friends and family, creating an intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

A Day of Festivities

The wedding day itself was a blend of elegance and joy. The bridal party, including Olly’s nephews Louie and Quinn, as well as bridesmaids such as Amelia’s best friends, made their way down the aisle adorned with white blooms and candles. The aisle was a symbol of the couple’s journey towards marital bliss. As Amelia made her entrance on the arm of her proud father, the atmosphere was filled with anticipation and happiness.

Murs Fest: A Musical Extravaganza

The celebration didn’t stop with the ceremony. The following day, a boatload of family and friends sailed across the Blackwater Estuary to join Olly and Amelia for Murs Fest. The event featured a performance by Olly’s house band, including the talented Katie Holmes-Smith, who is also performing with Adele in Las Vegas. The festival continued with Heart DJ Pandora Christie taking to the decks, ensuring that the joyful atmosphere persisted.

A True Celebration of Love

Reflecting on the celebration, Olly expressed his overwhelming joy, stating, “I was blown away by how amazing it was. It was quite magical – the perfect celebration of our love.” The happiness radiating from Olly and Amelia was evident as they proudly showcased their new wedding bands. Their journey from proposal to wedding day was a testament to their love and commitment.


Olly Murs, known for his infectious music and charismatic personality, continues to win hearts not only through his performances but also through the candid moments he shares with his fans. From accidental wardrobe malfunctions to a magical wedding celebration, Olly’s journey remains one of joy, love, and laughter. As he enters this new chapter of his life as a married man, fans can look forward to more moments of music, fun, and unexpected surprises from this beloved pop star.

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