Richard and Adam interview

We chat to Welsh brothers Richard & Adam who since making it all the way to the Britain’s Got Talent finals have been offered a multi-album recording contract and recorded it!

Their debut album ‘The Impossible Dream’ from Richard & Adam cam out in  July. Read on as Richard and Adam chat with our entertainment editor and showbiz reporter Mark Boardman.

Richard and Adam
Richard and Adam

How are you guys?
Very well…we feel like we’re on a different planet (Laughs as obviously things arew going very well for them).

You were finalists on BGT this year, how has your lives changed?
ADAM: Wow! It’s changed…it’s absolutly unbeliveable. We’re both lost for words, It’s always been a dream for me and Richard, which is why we called the album ‘ The unbelievable dream’ cos our dreams have come true. We never expected this and for us to have come third is so overwhelming.
Everyone has been so supportive over the past few months and our lives have changed completely. I mean no more preparing sandwiches and coffee making!
We’ve been living the dream making the album and it’s just been incredible. We’ve been so privileged and lucky.

How did you learn to belt out a tune having not had any singing lessons?
RICHARD “It’s just something that came from me and Adam plus 15 of us singing in school, we always liked the same things and that is when we realised that we could sing aswell. I got really into learning about how to sing and I spent alot of time online looking at masterclasses on youtube and upcame Pavoritti and I couldn’t believe it. I spent 3 or 4 weeks just sitting there and listening to it over and over again. And then I was searching for other tenor masterclasses.
My mum bought me an dictaphone so i could record me and Adam singing. I then put that on a website and people were like “Yeah, try this and try that”. It was just something I really enjoyed doing. We used to come back from school, put a track on the computer and go for it.”

Did you ever think you would make it?
ADAM: We’ve sang for the past few years and we’ve just kept trying doing some different things here and there.
The family have always said “Never stop Just keep going”. Me and Richard have never stopped as we’ve kept moving forward.”
In the past we’ve had knockbacks and so on. For all this to have happened now we can’t thank Britain’s Got Talent enough! It’s just been amazing.
When we are walking around the street and stuff, people come up to us and it’s nice for us to meet the people who voted for us. It’s so nice to hear what they have to say. For me and Richard, two lads from North Wales to get the support we’ve had and the amount of votes is overwhelming. It’s a whole new world to us.”

How did you decide which covers would make it onto the album?
RICHARD “We’ve always been massive fans of this genre music and now we’re singing it. I’ve always been a big supporter of the music. We’ve always liked the cross-over from Mario Lanza, who in the 50’s was considered to be singing mainstream music in a classical style which we absolutely loved.
We watched the three tenors with Nat who was singing musical theatre in a tenor theatrical manor which we loved and more recently Il Divo, Andrea Bocelli…they’re all singing these songs in a style that really appeals to me and Adam.
We really wanted to pick some of the tracks that we’ve loved over the years. There are some ones that my nan really likes. We put those suggestions over (to the record company) and thankfully they thought it was a really good idea and that is how we came up with the track listing.
‘The impossible dream’ has been our signature tune, that’s the song that we can show people what this means to us and in a way show people our story in song which we always set out to achieve and we had the chance to do that.”

Which songs just missed the album?
RICHARD “We were looking at afew including cross-over songs including ‘Aerosmith’s ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’. We were looking at that because it hadn’t been done in a classical way before, we thought that might be quite interesting to have an approach off. We just couldn’t find the arrangement, we couldn’t work it out. It’s something we would like to re-visit to work it out as we’ve always been a massive of that song. It would work if we had abit more time to what out what we could do with it.”

So could that potentially be a future collaboration?
RICHARD “Yeah! We would love to do a classical version of that with Aerosmith. Yes please”.

What is your favourite track to perform on the album?
ADAM: My favourite track to perform is ‘The impossible dream’. It’s just a song that I feel it and love it. We sing it together with the harmonies and we’ve always sang it at the start. It really is my favourite song. I mean all of our songs are great for us to sing. It’s nice in that we’ve done a couple of Italian songs, one Spanish songs and the rest are in English. It’s been nice to do a variation of different songs from classical pop to Jazz. It’s been amazing.
RICHARD “I think also for me. I’ve always liked singing ‘Somewhere’ from West Side Story. (Quotes lyrics) “Somewhere there is a place for us”. I have always really felt that song, I like singing it. I can put over how we feel at the time and how we’re feeling towards the public and the audiences.

When did you last speak to Simon Cowell, and what advice did he give you?
RICHARD “We last spoke to Simon Cowell at the BGT final. He came up to us and he was really supportive and really nice.
Simon said “Just put the hard work in and you will get to where you want to be.”
Shortly afterwards we got offered the record deal and we were absolutely besides ourselves over receiving that news. Hopefully we’ll get to chat with him again and he says “Guys I love the album.”

Richard, you tried learning the album afew years back, would you ever give it another try?
RICHARD “I’ve always been a massive fan of the piano because whenever you see Pavoritti singing he was always accompanied by piano. Because I started it I realised I could singa and that is when I developed my singing and starting opera. I put all of my time into working our harmonies. I would love to re-visit it. To sit in a concert and sing a song together would be amazing.

Will you be taking your album out on tour?
ADAM “We performed recently in the Olympic stadium and in February 2014 we should have or tour dates moving forward”.

Would you make your own coffee being trained baristas?
Both Richard and Adam laugh.
Adam “I’m probably abit better than Richard. I’ll stick to the sandwiches, he can do the coffee.”

RICHARD “Please buy our album.”

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