Rogan O’Connor Exclusive interview – Ex On The Beach

Ex On The Beach star Rogan O’Connor Chats with MARKMEETS entertainment reporter Charley-Jean in Exclusive interview!

Rogan O'Connor
Ex On The Beach star Rogan O’Connor Chats with MARKMEETS entertainment reporter Charley-Jean in Exclusive interview!

So if you’ve not been hid under a rock for the past few weeks you’ll know that Ex On The Beach Series 2 has started, and we LOVED last series, but we wanted to find out what actually happens and what they get told instead of  ”You’re going on to Ex On The Beach”; we also find out how the members of the show found working with Gary Beadle (Gaz) from Geordie Shore.

So we spoke to the Dreamboy Hunk Rogan O’Connor and asked him what his ideal date is, if he is single, and how was Ex On The Beach for him and here what he had to say…

So Rogan how excited are you on tuesday before the show starts?

  • Do you know what I’m really excited, theres always so much of a hype on twitter about it so it just gives me an extra buzz tbh, Gaz came in and got everyone excited so its amazing.

How has it been working with Gaz?

  • Gaz is great he is very fun, I didn’t think i’d get on well with him because I see myself as a bit of a ladies man and he is like the ultimate ladies man, so I thought we might clash, but without giving too much away we don’t really clash at all, I think the show wanted us too but we’re just kind of too similar, so instead of clashing and going head to head we just kind of laugh about it and get on well and have fun. We formed quite a friendship so we didn’t step on anyones toes etc.

How excited are you to have Gaz on tour with the Dreamboys as you are a fellow Dreamboy yourself?

  • Yeah i’m buzzing like I only doing the hosting on a Saturday night and a lot of people in the press have called me a stripper but I’m not haha I’m just the host for a strip group, like I run the door and that but like he came into the photoshoot the other day and no one else really knew, i did because he texted me about it but the other lads didn’t so they was all like ‘ WOW Gaz is here’ but yeah it should be fun, should be fun, we will have a good time, I’m sure the girls will enjoy it when he gets his parsnip out haha because when your blessed as Gaz id be getting it out all the time, because living in a villa together, I saw it a hell of a lot, like I thought i got mine out a lot but then Gaz came in so i started putting it away when he was getting his whopper out all the time.
Ex on the beach 2 cast pic
Ex on the beach 2 cast pic

So enough about Gaz and his parsnip, how did YOU end up getting on to Ex On The Beach?

  • I had a lot of friends on the first series and I had quite a following before the show, and my best mate is Joss Mooney, so he kindly put my name forward and said this guy would be a good time and great for the show blah blah blah, and then I went in, had a interview and they loved me straight away, but then I didn’t know I was going for Ex On The Beach, they had told me it was like some dating show, but in the back of my mind I was like ‘hang on I’m on to you’.

When the filming was going on and you realised you was filming for Ex On The Beach, was there an Ex’s you was scared to come up out the water?

  • YES, there was but then with the show you should of just slept with someone and they would be classed as an ex, so I was thinking crap they could bring some bad ones up here, but there was one ex I was with for like a year, who,well I’ve got two Ex’s but one got married whilst I was on the show I think so unless she run away from the altar and turned up not he beach in a wedding dress i wasn’t really expecting her to turn up tbh but the other one was like this girl I has a very chaotic relationship for a year, like it was very passionate, like we either hated each other or loved each other, but the last time I saw her we went to see Drake very last minute but half way through the show she decided she wanted to go home for no reason so when we got back to hers we ended up have a row which ended in her throwing my phone down the toilet whilst I was having a wee so yeah, it would of been very awkward if she turned up i would of been like ahhhh, but then i was so like ‘ na I don’t have an bad ex’s ‘ but then when Jess came in they made it out to be like a bad Ex so i was shaking but then the lovely Jess come up so i was realived ha.

Was there any Ex’s they you was worried if they both were on the show together like friends ect?

  • no i tend to not to that, as naughty as i am as in terms of playing a field i try not to do or mess anyone over, so i tend to stay away from a ex’s friends unless they were horrible then maybe, but ha no i don’t think of anyone that was horrible to me.

So then whats your ideal woman?

  • Yes, dark skin, dark eyes, dark hair and  A BIG O BOOTY I’m such a bum man oh god.

Turn on and turn offs?

  • Turn on, apart from a big booty a girl that can make me laugh, being a single a guy and getting attention after the show and talking to a lot of girls well I was but I could be talking to the hottest girl in the world but if she doesn’t make me laugh and I don’t feel I connection then thats a turn of but if she can make laugh and I feel a connection then thats a turn on.
Rogan O'Connor abs!!
Rogan O’Connor abs!!

Are you a briefs or boxers man?

  • Hmm it varies, I’m both, i just depends what mood I’m in, like as you saw on the show I wore the smallest speedos known to man ha, I’ve even got a thong, I’m not going to lie about it, i wear it all the time whenever its a special occasion I just whip it out, its black with red hearts and lips, i might even wear it to Dreamboys if I can dig it out my drawer then i’ll put it on ha so you might see me in it.

Whats your ideal date?

  • JET SKIS, jet skis (this is when I’m confused and say, jets skis really?) well we would ride on the back of bears by the Alsakian lakes to like a wooden cabin with a log fire and a jacuzzi, looking over the north of America up in the mountains, and there would be a snow ball fight which will lead to canoodling and then making love by the log fire, (I had to say how cute that sounds and how id love to go) yes lets go, you find the flights and ill find the bears to ride on but then I’m a bear myself so you can just ride me through the lake…. oh my that sounded really bad ha.

Whats your worst date?

  • Someone who don’t talk, i find it really awkward when you turn up and they just say HI, and then they don’t speak haha you have to make all the conversation, she could be the hottest girl in the world but be sitting there like a dried lunch haha, my worst would be someone who is boring, because like i have ADHD so i always need to be doing something so I’m always jumping around and have a lot of energy, so my worst date would be in a library with someone who don’t talk because you can’t talk anyways so id just get really bored so will probe just throwing books at people  (but thats not very nice rogue bear) i know I’m sorry but i get bored so ill just throw books so if i couldn’t find any rude books ill just start throwing them ( so we are deffo not going to a library then) no please don’t ha.

Celebrity Crush? 

  • Melanie Rios, ha, shes a pornstar sorry, (right I never heard that one) haha I wouldn’t of thought so but imagine if you was like ah me too they would of been great ha but yeah that would of been awkward but awesome at the same time but i’d say Ariana Grande (agh she is gorgeous)  yeah i wanted to be like someone no one else would say but Ariana is just of the scale, she is beautiful.
Rogan O'Connor and Emily Colley on EOTB
Rogan O’Connor and Emily Colley on EOTB

Is it weird seeing yourself on TV?

  • YEAH, well I’ve been on a TV a few times, I’ve done some modelling stuff before with have been TV adverts, was on celebrity juice last year and I was on a date show called ‘ year of making love ‘ 5 years ago on bbc 3 , but sadly enough I did make a girl cry and it weren’t during or after making love she started crying when I didn’t call her back, but they made me go on a date with her, they said if you wanna be on the show you have to go on a date with her, and she was like ‘ I’m not putting out tonight ‘ and i was like fair enough your annoying anyways, next thing I know we are in bed together, and then the next day i didn’t wanna do the show anymore, didn’t wanna go on a date with her, so all you saw was her crying and made me look like a dick because they only showed me on the date and leaving the next morning, its kind of similar to the Anita situation ‘Ex On The Beach’ but then not ha but they are both edited to make me look like the bad guy ( but your not the bad guy ) no I’m not the bad guy as such like me and Anita always said we are just friends we slept with each other but still friends and if any of our Ex’s come in it wouldn’t bother us ect we are just friends but they cut all that out and just put the bit where she was crying saying she has feelings but i suppose thats what makes great tv aye, make me look like a horrible man but for drama i’ll let it go.

Bestest mate from the show? 

  • On the show it was Morgan, absolute love that guy to bits, I could talk to him for days everything that comes out his mouth just makes me laugh he is so funny, the other day  well we was going to go out but I went to the fitly shades of grey premier and the party to that, and he said ‘ aww I really wanted to go this other party man thats fitly shades of s**t ‘ and i haven’t spoken to him in ages and thats the first thing he says and it just made me laugh, he makes me cry, but since the show, weirdly enough, Kayleigh and Anita, because I’m always in London and a bit of a exclusive Kayleigh is kinda seeing my best mate Joss, so that happened, and then Luke aka BIEBS, I speak to him all the time, but i don’t get the whole Justin Bieber lookalike with him, in some pictures maybe but i don’t really see it ha.

Anything we wouldn’t know about you that you can tell us?

  • Well you I’m a ladies man, I’m a Dreamboy, well I do a bit of circus acts, I’m a fire breather, stilt walking, dancing, I’m a bit of a extremists, I’ve done sky diving, bungee jumping, I’m a bit weird like but you can tell that, (yeah I can tell that the fact you said about jet skis for a date and i had a panic attack when i went on one ha) oh no I remember I was in australia and my mate had a jet ski and he said go round that corner and just let it rip, so I did and then all of a sudden about 10 dolphins just come up out the sea and was just going along with me, it was just incredible, I was like one of the dolphin, (that would be a good date like we wouldn’t expect it then all of a sudden dolphins come out) haha yeah well tis hard to plan it with the dolphins cause my ultrasound isn’t that go now a days or what ever they use, they would like blow a girls pants off, or socks off I can’t remember the saying, the dolphin can take care of the socks and i’ll take care of the pants haha oh dear.

Worst night out? as you’re always out.. 

  • I’ve always works in like club nights so yeah I dieted for a competition cause I used todo like body building stuff and modelling so I needed to diet for 4 months, if i could id drink everyday but to keep my body healthy I only drink like 3 nights a week but yeah so for this comp, I couldn’t drink for 4 months if i wanted to win, but i went 3months, and every thursday I had to do this club night so I just had to be in the corner with my water witnessing all these people getting drunk and having a time of their life, and mumbling along haha, so that was probs my worst night out haha.

Snog, Marry, Avoid? 

  • I said Joss Joss Joss before but id Snog, Mel cause I didn’t get round to snogging her on the show, Marry Luke the BIEBS, i’d avoid ahhhhh can’t say that i’d avoid Vicky from the first series, Geordie Shore, I met her once and she just did my head in ahh we have the same manager so I’m deffo going to see her again but yeah.

One thing you couldn’t live without?

  • My mother, she used to do everything for me and now she is just there whenever I need her, like if I’m upset i’ll just call my mum, I’m not ashamed to say it either like I’m a mummies boy, so without her i don’t know what ill do.

Best Asset?

  • My cheekiness… is that one? I’m very very cheeky, i get told a lot, it lets me get away with a lot (yeah you are very cheeky) yeah I am.

Lastly Single or Taken?

  • I AM FAT SINGLE AND READY TO MINGLE BABY ( thats just what I wanted to hear )…. are you single? (yeah haha) oh okay thats good…. haha.

Find Rogan O Connor aka Rogie Bear on twitter at @Rogan_OConnor

If you want to see him on tour with The Dreamboys then heres the link –



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