Adam Gabriel hooks up with Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby

Ex On The Beach bad boy Adam Gabriel hooks up with Geordie Shore’s Charlotte Crosby in the latest episode of the MTV reality show and is instantly dealt a cruel blow as ‘Charlotte’ announce her ‘engagement’. 

Adam Gabriel
Adam Gabriel

Ex On The Beach’s resident bad boy Adam Gabriel showed his caring side this week when he took new arrival Charlotte Crosby on a fun and romantic treasure hunt date which results in them ending up in bed together

During the date the pair downed several glasses of champagne and returned to the Ex On The Beach villa “absolutely mortal”.

Geordie Shore babe Charlotte has been flirting and kissing Adam, 23, since she arrived at the villa in last week’s episode, leading Adam to declare, “I think she fancies me”.

The only problem with the cute couple’s budding romance is Adam’s crazy ex-girlfriend Kayleigh Morris, who is determined to keep any girl away from her ex at all costs.

Admitting to fancying Charlotte during their date, Adam said, “[Kayleigh] is no threat to you or anything like that” and that his ex and he are “never ever ever getting back together”.

On their return to the villa, Adam and Charlotte crawl into bed together, only to be caught by Kayleigh as she storms into the bedroom. As Kayleigh leaves the bedroom that she shares with Charlotte she calls them both a pair of c***s and lets Charlotte know that their friendship is over.

Charlotte tells Adam “you have the worst ex-girlfriend in the world… What the fuck” after the bedroom incident.

Away from the show, Adam today admitted he felt “truly gutted” when he read on Twitter that Charlotte had accepted boyfriend Mitch Jenkins’s proposal, only for it later to be revealed as joke on Mitch’s part. Adam said:

“My heart sank when I thought Charlotte was engaged. It’s clear she’s moved on and her life is with Mitch now, which is fine, but we had something, and I do like her.”

The next day Kayleigh warns Charlotte to keep Adam out of her bed while the girls sharing a room, which Charlotte doesn’t take too lightly.

Later in the episode, the feud between Charlotte and Kayleigh reaches boiling point when Kayleigh announces that she is “still madly in love” with Adam.

“He’s a bellend, he’s an arsehole, he’s a prick, he’s a cheat and she’s now currently with him and I have to deal with it”, shouts Kayleigh.

Visibly angry, Charlotte launches into a verbal attack on Kayleigh, shouting, “Don’t mug us off in front of everyone. Don’t fucking do that because fair enough you might kick off but I will fucking go wild.”

“You speak to me like that again and you’ll be speaking to my fucking fist.”

At the end of the episode Adam and Charlotte were seen to have jumped back into bed with each other.

“Sex with Charlotte was special” said Adam.

Since Ex On The Beach finished, 24-year-old Charlotte has returned home and gotten back together with her own ex-boyfriend, Mitch Jenkins.

Adam has not taken the new situation lightly, saying, “seeing Charlotte back together with Mitch is heart breaking.”

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