Sam Callahan interview: Tamera Foster romance and album plans

Heartthrob Sam was voted off on week six of the X Factor chats about his love of Tamera and Glasgow in a new interview. The pop star who has been promoted by MarkMeets since before the X Factor reveals his album plans and chats Gary Barlow.

While he certainly got the female vote, Gary Barlow wasn’t exactly a fan, but Sam said there are no hard feelings between the two.

Sam Callahan interview
Sam Callahan interview

He said: “We had a nice jamming session before I left. We were singing Faith on the guitar and when I see him he says ‘alright mate, how are you doing?’

“When you come onto the show, it’s a job. He’s got to do his job and his job is to critique the people on the show and if his opinion is that he didn’t like what I was doing, then he has to say that and he’s completely entitled to do that.

“I think the difference is when someone says ‘you need to do this, you need to work on that’, you can take that on board and come back better the next week. When somebody goes ‘your problem is you’re not as good as the other contestants’, everyone was like ‘that must have hurt you the most’, but that was the one that hurt me the least cause I went ‘whatever’, cause that can’t help me. You’ve got to let it bounce off. It’s such a stressful process, so you don’t need that stuff.”

How did it feel to be the main attraction on stage this time around?
Sam said: “That’s kind of strange… Last time it was amazing. The crowd was insane but they weren’t there to see me, they were there to see the people I was supporting, so it’s going to be cool to go on there and they’re there to see me.”

Sam was extremely close to his fellow X Factor contestants, none more so than Tamera Foster, who was voted off the show on Sunday night. So, are they really more than just good friend? It seems so!

Sam said: “Me and Tamera, obviously there’s some rumours and everybody’s sort of seen, so I’m not going to completely deny there’s something going on, but we’re just really close and when you live in a house with people for 2 months there’s going to be people you get close to for different reasons.”

Sam is also close to fellow boys Luke Friend and Nicholas McDonald and he admitted he became a bit of a translator for Scottish singer Nicky, when he used words like ‘weans’ and nobody else understood what he was talking about.

Sam told STV that he has no regrets about going on the X Factor and can’t wait to take to the stage as part of the X Factor live tour next year, with Glasgow’s Hydro set to be a particular highlight.

Then, he hopes to release an album, as the talented singer / songwriter has been penning tracks since he was 13.

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