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Sara Bareilles chats to MarkMeets in a new exclusive interview. We spent 15 mins in her company asking her about music, living in New York and her success in the industry.

Sara Bareilles

How are you finding New York City?
I absolutely love New York. It is a vibrant, creative, chaotic, exciting place to be and i feel like it has sparked something really wonderful in me. It was a huge transition, but I’m enjoying the challenges of settling into a new place and getting to know myself here.

What was it like performing at the Grammys?
That night will remain one of my favorite memories of my entire career. Getting to meet and perform with Carole King was an absolute thrill and a highlight of my life. When I look back on that performance it was such a special moment because I truly was having the time of my life, so proud to be singing along side my hero. I’m very very honored that I had that opportunity and i’m proud of that performance.

‘Love Song’ is an amazing record from 2007, do you get bored performing it?
Of course! 🙂 I’ve heard that song more than anybody else in the world, probably, and there are definitely days when I don’t feel like singing it. But, I have to say it will forever be a song I love because of the role it has played in my life and for the gratitude I feel for how it opened up doors for me.

When I don’t feel like singing it, I focus on the fans and their experience with it and that usually does the trick to help me connect.

Your new single ‘Brave’ is out now in the UK, would you say you were brave?
I try to be. It’s something that I work really hard at and I think for me being brave is about being honest. That’s the hardest thing to do sometimes, but the most important thing to me.

Did you know the video already has over 21 million views, do still get excited by these type of stats?
It’s amazing! I love the video so much so I’m thrilled that people are watching and hopefully enjoying it. It was a blast to go rogue and do some hidden camera dancing, and I think we made something that speaks to the uplifting intention of the song. I’m happy that people are getting to see it.

Check out the video for Brave here

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The Album ‘The Blessed Unrest’ is out May 26th in the UK, what are your favourite tracks?
Some of my favorite songs are Manhattan, Hercules, and Chasing the Sun. But ask me tomorrow and my answers might all be different.

Your US sales success (1.75 million albums, 4 million singles) to date is amazing, what is your next goal?
My next goal is to finish my musical and the book that I’m working on, and to continue to focus on being happy.

What do you find attractive about British men?
Their love of American women.  😉

My final Question is…Do you correct people when they mis-prounce your surname Bareilles?
I don’t bother anymore. It’s literally been a lifetime of some of the most heinous interpretations possible. Now I just smile and move on.

We found Sara to be one of the most open and funny celebs we’ve interviewed.

Sara Bareilles is set to release her single Brave through Epic/Sony Music in the UK on March 23rd.  The track is taken from her current album The Blessed Unrest, which is being released in the UK on May 26th.

Album track listing:1. Brave / 2. Chasing the Sun / 3. Hercules / 4. Manhattan / 5. Satellite Call / 6. Little Black Dress / 7. Cassiopeia / 8. 1000 Times / 9. I Choose You / 10. Eden / 11. Islands / 12. December

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