Take That’s Intense Training Ahead of Their 2024 Tour

As the iconic British pop group Take That gears up for their highly anticipated 2024 tour, they’ve let fans in on their secret to staying fit and ready for the stage. Frontman Gary Barlow, who is no stranger to a rigorous fitness routine, along with his bandmates Mark Owen and Howard Donald, is embarking on an eight-week preparation regimen to ensure they deliver memorable performances. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at their fitness routines, how they prepare for their tours, and Gary Barlow’s personal journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Gary Barlow: Leading the Fitness Charge

Frontman Gary Barlow has long been known for his dedication to staying fit and healthy. Even before the tour preparations kick in, Gary maintains a disciplined fitness routine, working out four to five days a week. His routine includes a mix of cardio exercises, weight training, and movements that help him stay in peak physical condition.

But the real challenge begins when the band enters the “six to eight-week rehearsals” phase just before the tour launch. During this period, Take That diligently practices their famous routines, ensuring that they are in perfect sync and ready to dazzle their fans.

A Personal Transformation

Gary Barlow’s commitment to fitness and well-being has been a remarkable journey. After the band’s split in 1996, he found himself weighing 16 stone (224 pounds). Determined to make a change, he embarked on a lifestyle overhaul that led to him shedding an impressive five stone (70 pounds).

He credits exercise, not just for its physical benefits but also for its positive impact on his mental well-being. For Gary, working out is not solely about weight loss; it’s a way to maintain mental clarity and enhance his overall mood. He’s even known to take ice baths, a practice he swears by for post-workout recovery.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Gary Barlow’s approach to fitness is a holistic one, where mental health plays a crucial role. He emphasizes that exercise is a vital component of maintaining his mental well-being, making his mind clearer and his days better. It’s a testament to the importance of not just physical health but also mental wellness in achieving a balanced and fulfilling life.

Moreover, Gary Barlow believes in minimizing stress in his life. He has adopted a lifestyle that includes switching off from the outside world and saying no to jobs that he deems stress-inducing. By focusing on what truly matters and taking on manageable challenges, he strives to maintain a peaceful and stress-free existence.

Preparing for ‘This Life On Tour’

Take That’s ‘This Life On Tour’ is set to kick off in Sheffield with two gigs at the Utilita Arena on April 13 and 14, 2024. With their intense preparation and dedication to fitness and mental well-being, fans can rest assured that the trio is gearing up to deliver an unforgettable musical experience.

In conclusion, Take That’s commitment to staying fit and mentally agile reflects a broader trend of prioritizing holistic health and well-being. Gary Barlow’s personal transformation serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us that exercise is not just about looking good but feeling good—both physically and mentally. As they embark on their tour, Take That’s fans eagerly await the incredible performances that this iconic group never fails to deliver.

Full list of Take That 2024 tour dates

Saturday 13 April Sheffield Utilita Arena

Sunday 14 April Sheffield Utilita Arena

Wednesday 17 April Leeds First Direct Arena – NEW DATE

Thursday 18 April Leeds First Direct Arena – NEW DATE

Friday 19 April Leeds First Direct Arena

Saturday 20 April Leeds First Direct Arena

Monday 22 April Dublin 3Arena

Tuesday 23 April Dublin 3Arena

Thursday 25 April London The O2

Friday 26 April London The O2

Saturday 27 April London The O2

Sunday 26 April London The O2 – NEW DATE

Tuesday 30 April London The O2

Wednesday 01 May London The O2 – NEW DATE

Friday 03 May Glasgow OVO Hydro

Saturday 04 May Glasgow OVO Hydro

Sunday 05 May Glasgow OVO Hydro

Tuesday 07 May Manchester Co-op Live

Wednesday 08 May Manchester Co-op Live

Friday 10 May Manchester Co-op Live

Saturday 11 May Manchester Co-op Live

Sunday 12 May Manchester Co-Op Live – NEW DATE

Tuesday 14 May Birmingham Utilita Arena

Wednesday 15 May Birmingham Utilita Arena

Friday 17 May Birmingham Utilita Arena

Saturday 18 May Birmingham Utilita Arena

Sunday 19 May Birmingham Utilita Arena – NEW DATE

Friday 24 May Middlesbrough Riverside Stadium

Saturday 25 May Nottingham The City Ground Stadium – NEW DATE

Sunday 26 May Nottingham The City Ground Stadium

Tuesday 28 May Norwich Carrow Road Stadium

Thursday 30 May Milton Keynes Stadium MK

Saturday 01 June Southampton St Mary’s Stadium

Sunday 02 June Southampton St Mary’s Stadium – NEW DATE

Tuesday 04 June Plymouth Home Park Stadium

Thursday 06 June Swansea Swansea.com Stadium

Saturday 08 June Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium

Sunday 09 June Bristol Ashton Gate Stadium – NEW DATE

Tuesday 11 June Manchester Co-Op Live – NEW DATE

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