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Here at MarkMeets we just love The Saturdays! Read on as the ladies talk weddings, hair disasters and America.

They certainly like to look good and are a chatty bunch!

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Hi Frankie! Let’s talk weddings:  Are you going to bring the girls wedding dress shopping with you?
Rochelle: No I don’t want to see anything.

Frankie: No I haven’t started all of that yet actually.

Rochelle: I don’t want to see, I always like to be surprised on the day.

Vanessa: It’s really hard though because you want people’s opinion but no one wants to see it.

Rochelle: I showed the girls on the phone a little bit. A little sneak peek but I would never want to see it in the flesh.

Frankie: I think the hardest thing is Wayne is better at choosing clothes for me than I am. He’s really good at shopping for me so he’s the person I would ask but he’s the one person I’m definitely not allowed to ask!

Rochelle and Una, have you given Frankie any advice on wedding preparation?

Una: Oh, it’s such a personal thing. Of course we’ll always be here for her if she has anything she wants to know about, but each individual wedding is so tailored to the person and the personality and what they like.

F: Yeah Una and Roch’s were so different which is nice I think.

R: Even though we planned it at exactly the same time – it’s mad isn’t it because we didn’t have anything the same.

U: Apart from a few obvious things like you’re all going to sit down and have food and have a party afterwards but all the little touches were so different.

F: I learnt a lot from them.
If you could pick one person to have the best hair in the band, who would you pick?
R: Frankie’s definitely most known for her hair.

G: Have any of you had any hair disasters or styles that you look back on and think that was terrible?

F: I had an emo stage and I had some right shockers in that. Some awful ones which I loved at the time but when I look back I think my mum must have been so upset.
What do you mean by emo?
F: I used to have really black eyes, dirty holey converse and skulls everywhere and yellow hair and a black fringe with fake hair, black hair extensions. I had blonde on top and black underneath. God some awful, I looked like a bee. I loved it though; I used to think I was so cool. I used to wear a red bow.

R: I remember that! The red bow.

Do you think you’ll be keeping your hair the same for the wedding, short?
F: Yeah.

R: I think you should bring back the red bow.

V: I can’t even imagine you with a bow.

Rochelle you had a Disney themed birthday party which we covered on GLAMOUR. Do you have any good stories from the night?
R: It was like a kid’s party, wasn’t it really? It was so much fun. It was great that everyone really went for it and actually dressed up and didn’t cop out of it. It was really fun.

Who did you think had the best costumes because the costumes were amazing?
R: I would say the boys pulled it out. Wayne’s was amazing, Ben’s was brilliant, he was Tarzan. My best friend’s husband dressed up as Dorothy and she was the tin man.

U: I’d say the men were great.

F: All the men had long wigs and they were loving their lives.

U: Vanessa’s boyfriend was Captain Hook and he’s normally blonde and he had this long black wig and it was funny to see.

R: His costume was brilliant and he even brought my present in on his hook. He took it really seriously.

Rochelle you’ve had a lot of success with your TV career. After the tour are you going to be focusing on TV?
R: No, I think we’ve always all done our individual things whilst being in the band. That’s the fun part of being in a group that other opportunities come in. Clothing ranges or TV but it’s just fun. Me and Marv enjoy doing it but there are no plans to steer away from this to that but when it comes up I enjoy to do it.

And would you ever plan to go back to America again after your show?

R: I think we were so homesick, and the time that we did it before, you take such a chunk out of your diary, you have to stay there for a good three months minimum to film the episodes for the show and if there’s not much going on, there’s not enough for the show. And with going on tour we haven’t got time to commit to doing it right now but we had fun when we were there.
Another hair question. Which celebrity guy do you think has the best hair?
S: Harry Styles, he’s got great hair.

M: To be honest all of One Direction have great hair. So much height on all of them

R: They’re like a hair campaign.
They need a hair product range!
U: They probably have one. They have everything.

Interview source: Glamour Mag.

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