The Watcher actress and Stiflers mums Jennifer Coolidge ‘never expected to have such career success in her 60s

Jennifer Coolidge “never expected” to have such career success in her 60s.

The 61-year-old actress is known for playing comedy characters in early 2000s hits such as ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘A Cinderella Story’ but won her first Emmy Award earlier this year for her role as socialite Tanya McQuoid in HBO series ‘The White Lotus’ and does not like to think about the “weird lucky moment” that brought her a career resurgence.

She said: “It’s way more enjoyable if you never expected the moment to happen. I think it’s the surprise of it all that makes it so fun. I truly believe that if I had expected all of this to happen, it would never have happened. Sometimes, I think I don’t even want to analyse it. I don’t wanna jinx it. It was just this weird lucky moment [at my age].”

Jennifer starred in the Netflix mystery series ‘The Watcher‘-last year which became the streaming platform’s most-watched show for a period of time upon its release in- and explained that she is unsure whether she will ever enjoy career success like it again.

“I think a lot of people – even COVID had something to do with it – a lot of people want to have a chance at something they thought was a missed chance, and I think I’m a good example of that. However long this ride is, I’m gonna ride it. I don’t know if I’ll ever have a year like this again so I’m enjoying it til it ends.”

Meanwhile, Jennifer is probably best known for starring as Stifler’s Mom in 1999 coming-of-age comedy ‘American Pie’ and explained that she is “really glad” the producers just wanted “someone normal” to take on the role of the MILF.

She said: “I was a cocktail waitress right up until my 30s, right up until I got Stifler’s Mom. I’m just really glad the Weitz brothers didn’t cast a supermodel for that role because I think they wanted a woman who might be in the neighborhood. I’m really glad they went with someone normal, if I can pull that off! She was just a normal woman who some kid might have a crush on. ”

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