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By Mark Boardman

Having premiered the latest music video from Tizane for ‘Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?‘ on 28.6.21 on MarkMeets, we caught up with the singer/songwriter for a long overdue interview.

Exclusive Brand New Video Premiere ‘Who’s Gonna Hurt Me Now?’ by Tizane

Writing an album is a long process ut how many songs did not make it onto the album?

Quite a few, “Passive” was one song I remeber. Quite a few songs didn’t end up making it onto the album.
Do you ever write a song with an artist in mind? Yes. sometimes I do write a song and start producing it and think this is not for me, whether is does not suit my voice or style. I am always open to writing for different artists though.

How was working with legendary photographer Tina Korhonen for your latest photoshoot?

Tina is a real artist. She has such energy, such vision. Watching her build a set, working with the lights, the wind machines and stuff is like witnessing the construction of the universe. She is really sweet and accommodating. She took all my idiotic behaviour in her stride and even joined in with all our juvenile ‘in-jokes’. She also surrounds herself with very progressive, strong women, which was great for me. I had a great time, I would love to work with her again – if she can put up with me.

The new images for the single are semi-nude and I was pretty apprehensive to say the least. I’ve only just got used to being in front of a lens in any way, let alone topless… but Tina and her team were cool, conscious, and put me at ease. As it is, I really love the shots and I’m over the moon with the CD cover.

How would you describe your debut album ‘Cherry?

Cherry was the original dream. I mean I never dared to dream further than to record an album. As it is, we made a double vinyl in gatefold and I couldn’t be more proud of it. I never expected to be able to hear my music on a vinyl, it was a dream come true! I’m really looking forward to taking it out on the road and sharing the songs with live audiences. I saw it in HMV the other day, I was so knocked out that I went up and bought the CD version!

Have you any plans for live shows?

Obviously my tour dates got put back. I am very excited about all my gigs especially Portobellow live (Sept 25th) and St Moritz (Aug 20th) besides Dublin Castle (Aug 12th), that is a cool one.

I intend to get out there as far as possible and as often as possible. I already have some really exciting dates booked in like The Dublin Castle in Camden – such an iconic, atmospheric place. Stepping in the shoes of Amy Winehouse, Suggs, Blur and so many others. In September I’m doing The Portobello Live Festival with the likes of Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock and counterculture legend, Don Letts. So excited, I’m freaking out!

I’ll also be at The St.Moritz Club in Soho and a takeover night at the Amersham in New Cross. All the dates are up on the website.

Who would you love to support you on tour?
Moses Sumney (Ghanaian-American singer-songwriter) and Phoebe Bridgers (American singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer from Los Angeles, California).

What’s your dream gig venue to perform at?
I liked the thought of the 02 but for me it would have to be performing at Glastonbury – the energy would be so cool.
I am really exicted to get gigging again and performing all the new songs from the vunerability of my music to just being on the road again.

Who is your weird celeb crush?

I suppose it must be considered pretty weird to be crushing on a dead person but yes, my big love was Mac Miller who left us two or three years ago and took a little bit of me with him. Mac and Ariana that drew me in to fandom but that soon fragmented and expanded. My mum has a music background, so she introduced me to the vintage stuff like Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell, all of whom have influenced my development. Now I like to discover things from the fringe areas like Phoebe Bridgers, Arlo Parks and Moses Sumney.

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