Where is the Death in Paradise spin-off TV series set

Kris Marshall’s DI Humphrey Goodman will be getting his own Death in Paradise spin-off, and we’ve now got some further details about what we can expect from the man himself.

We already knew that the series, called Beyond Paradise, would see Humphrey and his fiancée Martha (Sally Bretton) navigating “a new life together in the idyll of rural Britain”. However, thanks to Marshall, we now know just where in the country that will be.

Marshall revealed that the show would take place “in a rural setting in the south west” and revealed that filming would start “imminently, in about three weeks.”

The star also revealed that the show has now “got most of the main cast” but is still casting supporting roles. “We’re in the process now, we’ve got most of the main cast but we’re sort of casting some of the supporting roles.”

The official synopsis for the new drama already told us that the series will be set in Martha’s hometown, one with a “surprisingly high crime rate”. Given the number of murders that take place in Death in Paradise’s fictional Saint Marie, it’s perhaps less surprising than you would think, as Humphrey will need something to keep him on his toes.

Marshall teased to Digital Spy what Death in Paradise fans can expect from the series, saying: “What it is about the scripts that I really love, Tony Jordan’s done a beautiful job on the two or three scripts I’ve seen. It’s exactly what you hope for in terms of if you’re a fan of Death in Paradise. Obviously it’s not in the Caribbean, but it’s in its own paradise. It’s got its own new twist on it.

“I think it’s really unique and like a comfy blanket as well. I think it’s going to be, I hope Death in Paradise fans are going to take to it straight away.

When the series was first announced, Marshall said: “I had the best time playing Humphrey out in Guadeloupe and whilst I was delighted that he got his happy ending with Martha, I always wanted to know what happened next.

“So it’s a joy to be putting his crumpled jacket back on and seeing how life has panned out for him back in the UK. Working with Sally is a dream, and I can’t wait to continue Humphrey and Martha’s story and solve a few seemingly impossible mysteries along the way.”

Beyond Paradise will air on BBC One

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