Leona Lewis interview where she covers Christmas, music and more!

Leona Lewis interview

The star is touring with Gary real soon and we love a good tune! As Leona and Gary Barlow will be hitting the road this November for his rescheduled solo tour.

After more than a decade in the industry, Leona loves nothing more than belting out a Christmas tune!

Yes it is hard – exceptionally hard – to compose a decent Christmas tune in the present day, not to mention one that stays in the public cognizance as well as fills in prominence year in, year out.

In any case, Leona Lewis hit gold in 2013 with One More Sleep, the uncommon sort of bubbly melody that has now turned into a staple in Britain when December comes around. It’s becoming as unmistakable as your Mariah’s and your Wham!’s, and its height will just develop over the long haul.

Leona has re-delivered the first collection Christmas, With Love for certain interesting new augmentations, including some new tracks and coordinated effort with US vocalist Ne-Yo on a re-bundle named Christmas, With Love Always.

We jumped on the telephone with her to talk about the significant issues of the day – in particular, assuming she figures One More Sleep would beat Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath The Tree in a battle (the appropriate response might astonish you).

Hello Leona! It’s been a hot moment. How can it feel to be back?

Goodness my gosh, it feels so great! It’s been some time since I’ve delivered new music and I’ve needed to share it for some time, however the circumstance must be correct. I just felt like this was it…especially around Christmas. I’ve been needing to add some new melodies to the record for some time.

With the proceeded with accomplishment of Christmas, With Love and One More Sleep they’ve had remarkable legs on the outline – One More Sleep returned the Top 20 of the Official Singles Chart last year, extremely uncommon for an advanced Christmas tune.

It’s the Christmas present that continues to give! I generally get individuals sending me voice notes when they’re in the shop and One More Sleep will come on. They’ll all message me like ‘it’s begun!’

We additionally can’t discuss One More Sleep without referencing its X Factor execution the year it came out. Unbelievably camp.

I’m camp! I needed to be the pixie on top of the tree and got my desire. My heart lives in those large songs [like Bleeding Love and Run] yet I needed to accomplish something so not the same as what I would generally do.

Christmas, With Love was initially delivered in 2013, back when set up music acts didn’t actually deliver Christmas music. Presently they’re extremely popular. Do you feel somewhat prophetic?

Definitely, at the time nobody was delivering Christmas music. I didn’t have the foggiest idea how it planned to go, however I needed to do this Motown-motivated record, and do it legitimately. We didn’t have the foggiest idea how it planned to do, I’m simply glad it returns a seemingly endless amount of a large number of years.

No doubt, at the time nobody was delivering Christmas music. I didn’t have the foggiest idea how it planned to go, however I needed to do this Motown-propelled record, and do it really. We didn’t have the foggiest idea how it planned to do, I’m simply glad it returns quite a long time after year.

Leona Lewis – Kiss Me It’s Christmas (Official Video) ft. Ne-Yo

Assuming that One More Sleep and Kelly Clarkson’s Underneath The Tree met in the road and had a battle, who do you think could win?

I do cherish that Kelly Clarkson melody, not going to mislead anybody, however I think One More Sleep is unmistakably British. That is the thing that I love about it. Like, even another rest [the phrase] is exceptionally British. I feel like in light of that reality, One More Sleep would win.

So the thing you’re saying, Leona, is that you’ve beaten Kelly Clarkson to an allegorical, merry mash.

However, i do cherish that Kelly Clarkson melody! It’s so great. So great.

Looking past Christmas briefly, will there non-happy new music inside the not so distant future from you?

Indeed, there is. I’m truly amped up for it. I’m in the studio right now…well I’m generally in the studio yet I’m dealing with a task right now. I feel exceptionally moved by it, I’m expounding on things so significant and individual to me. I’m trusting that twists into something.

Have you at any point contemplated dropping a major, disco banger?

Gracious, trust me, I have contemplated that. That has most certainly entered my thoughts at least a time or two!

Christmas, With Love Always is out at this point.


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