10 Loved Characters That Need To Return In Frozen 3

Characters We Want to See in Frozen 3

As we eagerly await the release of Frozen 3 in 2025, fans are buzzing with excitement and speculation about what the next installment will bring to the beloved Disney franchise. While some characters have already been confirmed to return, there are several from the first two movies whose stories deserve further exploration. As Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf continue their adventures, let’s delve into the characters that should make an appearance in Frozen 3 to enrich the narrative and captivate our hearts once again.

10. General Mattias

General Mattias, promoted to the rank of General by the end of Frozen 2, served as a loyal member of Prince Agnarr’s royal guard. His friendship with Anna and his connection to Arendelle make him a valuable character to further explore. As Anna takes on her role as queen, her interactions with General Mattias could offer insights into leadership dynamics and the challenges of forging a united kingdom.

9. Queen Iduna

Although Queen Iduna passed away before the events of Frozen 2, her significance to the plot cannot be overlooked. Her ties to the Enchanted Forest and the origin of Elsa’s powers remain intriguing aspects of the story. Flashbacks and deeper exploration of Queen Iduna’s background could provide valuable context and emotional resonance to the narrative.

8. King Agnarr

King Agnarr’s complex decisions and his impact on Elsa and Anna’s lives present an opportunity for character growth and redemption. Addressing his actions and their consequences in Frozen 3 could offer closure to his character arc, allowing audiences to better understand the motivations behind his choices.

7. Yelena

Yelena, the leader of the Northuldra, brought a unique perspective to Frozen 2. Her interactions with Anna and Elsa showcased her leadership and determination. With Elsa now a part of the Enchanted Forest, delving deeper into Yelena’s character and exploring the evolving relationship between her and Elsa could add depth to the narrative.

6. Honeymaren

Frozen 2 hinted at a potential friendship and deeper connection between Elsa and Honeymaren. The exploration of Elsa’s speculated queer status could find resolution in their relationship. Whether their connection evolves into romance or remains a close bond, Honeymaren’s presence in Frozen 3 could be significant for both character development and representation.

5. Ryder

Ryder, Honeymaren’s brother, shared a unique bond with Kristoff. Further delving into their shared connection with reindeer and exploring Ryder’s backstory could provide insight into Kristoff’s character and enrich the world-building of the Northuldra people.

4. The Duke of Weselton

The Duke of Weselton, a secondary antagonist in the first Frozen movie, could return as a potential source of conflict in Frozen 3. His resentment and possible schemes to undermine Elsa and Anna’s reign could introduce new challenges for the sisters to overcome.

3. Marshmallow

Marshmallow, Elsa’s gentle snow creation, made a delightful appearance in the first Frozen movie. A cameo in Frozen 3 could continue to add charm and whimsy to the story, while potentially offering a tie-in to the events of Frozen 2.

2. Pabbie & The Trolls

The rock trolls played a crucial role in healing Anna and raising Kristoff. Their background, abilities, and potential involvement in the unfolding events could shed light on their significance and deepen the lore of the Frozen universe.

1. Prince Hans

Prince Hans’ unexpected villainous turn in the first Frozen movie remains a standout moment. Bringing him back in Frozen 3 with a richer backstory and new schemes could add layers to his character and inject an element of intrigue and conflict into the narrative.

In Conclusion

Frozen 3 holds the promise of expanding the enchanting world of Arendelle and the Enchanted Forest. By bringing back familiar faces and delving into their stories, relationships, and potential conflicts, the upcoming installment has the opportunity to captivate audiences once again. As we anticipate the next chapter in the Frozen saga, we eagerly await the revelations, adventures, and emotional moments that will unfold with the return of these beloved characters.

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