10 Photo Collage Ideas for Friends

As the famous saying goes, no man is an island. Everyone needs a set of friends to make life colorful, fun, and vibrant. Though friends may not share the same blood, they are the family you get to choose. Hence, in today’s digital world, selfies are not the only trendy thing.

From the red carpet to student life, we all take photos of friends, family, pets and so on but now canvas priting and collages are more popular because your memories shouldn’t just live in your phone.

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You can always see “groupfies” or group photos on your social media feeds. It’s not surprising why you love to take pictures with friends. After all, everyone wants to preserve memories with their closest buddies.

Thankfully, you can count on an easy-to-use and free online collage maker, to create stunning visual displays.

Remember, since the caveman days with their cave drawings on the wall, human beings’ eyes have always been drawn to images. Though the world is now modern, people still prefer pictorial symbols and visually-appealing photographs. Pictures hold the power to say what words cannot. As such, using a free collage maker online ensures you create stunning visual works of art at all times. This digital tool, with an easy to use interface, allows you to assemble photos with the help of templates artfully. You can also customize colors, fonts, and stickers. If you need a burst of inspiration, take a look at these ten photo collage ideas for friends:

  1. Use this for FB Updates

Why blend in when you are born to stand out? With a free online collage maker like Promo.com, your FB profile can outshine others. Use the various layouts to make stunning collages with your friends. Remember, no one has the time to click every single photo randomly. Instead, showcase many photos in one going through a collage. You have a perfect blend of pics and words to convey your message. You can use this digital tool to make the following:

  • Make daily updates of what you and your gang are up to.
  • Create birthday greetings for one special person in your tribe. 
  • Design a fab e-vite for your FB calendar to invite others to your group party. 
  • Craft temporary collage profile pictures to celebrate someone in your group. 
  • Use collages to make a fun video slide presentation. 
  1. Making Photo Books for Travel Vacations

One of the things that can seal any friendship is travel. But it would be such a huge waste if all your travel photos with the gang were just stuck in your phone’s memory drive or computer hard disk. Though you may have shared some photos on FB or even your blog, it would be better to have a tangible object which everyone can enjoy. 

Instead of another digital product, why not make an actual photo book of your trip? Create various layouts with the help of templates using your free online collage maker. Design each page to make it funky. Don’t forget to add some journal info like when and where you took the series of photographs. A photo book proves to be a great repository of memories. It feels comforting to hold paper, and as you turn the page, you can’t help but reminisce about that happy time you spent traveling with your friends. 

  1. Print a Customized Fun Pillow

Looking for a holiday gift that will be meaningful and useful for each of your friends? Then make a photo collage of your various pictures together. The next steps include downloading a high-resolution file from your free online collage maker. You can then look for a provider that can print the file on a pillowcase. En voila! You’ve got yourself a sentimental but functional present. 

  1. Post Cute Twitter Posts 

Everyone enjoys Twitter, but the only caveat is the limited character and 4-picture allotment. With a photo collage, you can post more photos and add words. Hence, you can successfully break the limits of the platform. 

  1. Craft Cute Notebook Covers

Everyone needs a notebook in their life to plan, pen thoughts, make reminders, track expenses, etc. Designing a customized journal cover for yourself or your loved ones will make you feel more inspired to use it. Choose your fave photos, add graphics, and include inspiring quotes. Nothing beats old-school paper! 

  1. Print Holiday Cards

Another lovely idea involves making your own holiday cards. Since friends become family that you choose, why not make your signature holiday cards to give to other people you commonly know. It would be a fun way to celebrate the holidays because the true meaning of the season centers on love. And friendship is all about that!

  1. Make Your IG Feed Live 

Instagram proves to be a great photo-sharing platform. However, it limits your use to one photo on your newsfeed. Though people can already swipe to see other photos, at times, people feel too lazy to do so. Instead, make photo collages using a free online collage maker. With this, you can use many photos in one frame so your followers can see all your fun group pics without swiping.

  1. Create Lovely Wall Art

Make spectacular wall art using a collage maker. Through this, you can create a masterpiece just like Michael Angelo or Leonardo. They even relied on different elements to make one composition. A collage maker like Promo.com helps you make amazing wall art with your friends using several photos. For example, you can do the following:

  • Gather your pics and shape them into a crescent moon. On the side, add the lines, “I love you to the moon and back!”
  • Shape your pics into a heart. Add the line, “True friends are never apart, may be in distance but never by heart!” 
  • Start with your pictures. On the side add, “Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them but you always know they are there!”
  1. Design a Creative Nameplate

Create a creative nameplate for each person in your group. Use your image to spell out your name in block letters. Then you can finish this off with a friend quote like “True friends are the sunshine of life!” Each of you can hang this in your locker or use it on your table. 

  1. Spruce Up Projects

Instead of a boring project, kick it up to a higher notch with a free online collage maker. You can use this to submit creative schoolwork, or you can even make amazing printed materials for your side hustle. Even if you make a last-minute project, your digital collage maker will make things look sleek and professional. It’s as if you’ve spent days slaving away to make things beautiful. 

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