3 Instant Ways To Magnetize Your Brand Culture

A strong brand voice can help you stand out from the competition and create content that converts readers into clients. And yet a lot of coaches and experts I talk to look puzzled when we start talking about their brand voice. They try various content strategies or use templates. Some even outsource their content creation — but they all usually end up producing something mediocre and ineffective.

I call it “melting chocolate” style content. It may be enthusiastic and read well, but it is too “sweet,” too generic. It lacks character and form. But most importantly, it lacks that strong appeal that makes you want MORE.

If you want your coaching business to soar, using your authentic voice is the most crucial skill you can master. This is how you share your value and connect with the right people. Your authentic voice doesn’t need to be developed. You already have it; it’s what comes naturally to you.

I discovered the compass to show exactly what type of content you should be producing and what angles and attitudes would work most effectively for you as a brand. That compass is Human Design — a relatively new esoteric personality profiling system based on what we call our “design” at birth.

In short, these are specific, consistent energies and messages that each of us is broadcasting to the world — consciously and subconsciously.

Having an awareness of these broadcasting frequencies is an advantage. You cannot just supercharge your content for client attraction but actually find the conviction, confidence, and ease of showing up in your complete authenticity. That is the magic element. That is what pulls the right people into your funnels, as though they cannot seem to get enough of you.

Here are three tips to help you develop a strong brand voice for your business. The section headers are deliberately generic — this is what we know from traditional marketing advice. But I want to offer you examples of how Human Design can help you implement this advice in the most natural, to you, way.

1. Using relatable language

When writing about your business, you may be trying to sound professional. Yet, depending on your Human Design specifics, that may not be the best approach. Maybe you may need to get really self-absorbed and share your personal insights about what you have discovered from your experiences applying and mastering your skills.

Maybe you need to share about what does not work. And because you have discovered it through your own experience, this kind of angle will build a sense of security and trust in you as an expert. This is an incredible sense to give to your leads — security, reliability, and unique perspectives that they know are highly researched and backed up by your hands-on approach.

You don’t have to “sell yourself” to potential clients. Just share what you are researching and talk about your experiences.

This is only an example of one brand voice that becomes powerfully relatable. The right people will feel your natural appeal through these energies and simply can’t wait to hire you or enroll in your latest offer.

2. Being authentic to who you are

Don’t try to be someone you’re not — be true to who you are and what makes you unique. There are some straightforward, surface-level cues that your Human Design can give you to really understand how others perceive you on the energetic level. This will show through in your branding and create trust with your audience. Use your strengths and follow a particular strategy to make the right choices and business decisions you can trust.

For example, your Human Design Type determines how you interact with others around you on an energetic level.

My Human Design Type is a Projector. It is a very intense, laser-focused energy that can only focus on one other person at a time. There is a condition for this energy to be harnessed. A Projector’s value needs to be seen and recognized by the other party as a unique individual. That is when a Projector’s guidance to the other person can be received with incredible benefits. But if I, as a Projector, offer unsolicited advice without being invited to it, I will meet resistance. Worse, I may feel unseen and unworthy.

How does this relate to my business? Knowing I need to be invited, I can focus on creating content to showcase my value. I do not need to invite myself to create a blog post, start a podcast, or spill my thoughts all over a passionate Facebook post.

The more I get visible, the more people in my audience can see and recognize my talents. And as that happens, more leads and superbly aligned clients come into my business.

If you are a Projector who runs a team, your energetics are even more critical to understand. It is not as effective in large groups, so a Projector may not be well suited to be part of the team building or creating something together. But let a Projector direct and organize the team, and you have a superb, efficiency-driven, systems-oriented guide.

3. Remain consistant

Your brand voice should be consistent across all of the content you produce — from blog posts to social media posts. Human Design can also give you a reason why you may find being consistent exhausting. Perhaps you are not an “energy type” and work best in bursts. If that is the case, my advice would be to explore batch-creating strategies, so you can produce more when in the zone. There will be a “non-creative” period of inaction to follow.

For me, a Projector — a non-energy type — working in leaps followed by much more extended periods where I need to recharge is the way of life. While I can indeed work every day on something, if the work is creative, I will be able to do a massive amount while in the zone. After, there will be a sharp cut-off where I would feel completely exhausted and won’t have access to the same creative flow for days at a time.

I used to really struggle with “the need to be consistent” but did not have the energy to do it. And yet, at some point, I was branded the Queen of Visibility by my audience members.

How did I manage to do that? By leaning into my drive to be more efficient and creating repurposing strategies to use something I create once over and over in different formats. And by employing automation to make sure these pieces are consistently posted across my social media channels.

It feels fantastic to let go of self-shaming and trying to operate how I am simply not designed to operate. Human Design unlocks the safety and ease of showing up in my business and marketing in a way that feels great. This, in turn, empowers me to be bolder in expressing myself, boosts the conviction in my brand voice, and magnetizes complete strangers to want to work with me.

Isn’t that what feeling successful in your business is all about?

And naturally, I cannot just keep this magic to myself, so I have been experimenting with guiding my clients and helping them lean into their design. What stands out immediately is a sense of relief and inner peace they feel from not having to create some sort of “brand personality” that feels inauthentic and often paralyzing. And then, as the journey continues seeing the satisfaction of creating a flow of new clients and opportunities in their businesses is beyond gratifying.

If you feel lit up by the opportunity to explore Human Design for your business, I would love you to invite me to guide you as one of the options. It may become something that will help realign your brand voice and your entire relationship with life.

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