Adam Bell video throws spotlight on ‘hidden killer’

Adam Bell video throws spotlight on ‘hidden killer’

The Adam Bell Foundation has launched its first-ever online video, aimed at ending the confusion around Type 1 diabetes which it believes is costing lives.


The 40-second video focuses on a young man unknowingly suffering from Type 1 diabetes. It makes use of a dramatically stylised scenario in order to convey the feelings of fear and helplessness his symptoms are causing him.

Those symptoms include…
·      Increased thirst
·      Going to the toilet all the time – especially at night
·      Extreme tiredness
·      Genital itching or regular episodes of thrush
·      Weight loss
·      Blurred vision
·      Slow healing of wounds

The Adam Bell Foundation is asking viewers to share the new video as widely as possible with the hashtag #T1D, in order to make more people aware of the symptoms of Type 1 diabetes.  By raising awareness, the foundation hopes more people suffering from the disease will recognise the symptoms and seek treatment before their condition becomes more serious.

Type 1 diabetes can kill within a few days or weeks if not treated – but there remains great confusion about its symptoms amongst the public, with media coverage of diabetes primarily focusing on Type 2.  This focus has led to a prevailing association between diabetes and obesity, older age groups and sedentary lifestyles – NONE of which are signals of Type 1 diabetes.

It’s for this reason the Adam Bell Foundation has produced the new video (in partnership with London-based production company Spectrecom Films), helping the charity’s vital message about Type 1 diabetes to reach a wide online audience.

The launch of the video marks ten years since the death of Adam Bell, 34, from misdiagnosed Type 1 diabetes.  A usually healthy and active person, Adam suddenly fell ill complaining of stomach pains and nausea. He was incorrectly diagnosed by his doctor as suffering from a virus, and Adam tragically died alone the following day. Post-mortem results revealed Adam died from Ketoacidosis, a complication of Type 1 diabetes.  The Adam Bell Foundation was set up in his memory, to raise awareness and save lives.  A talented musician, some of Adam’s music features in the video.


Executive Creative Director: Christiaan Harden
Creatives: Paul Martin
Creative producer: Clemence Bartram
Production company: Spectrecom
Director: Peter Ford
Editor: Matt O’Brien
Colourist: Blake Dixon
Post-production: Spectrecom
Audio: Halo Post Production
Music: Adam Bell
Production Assistant: Laylla Azarbyjani
DOP: Dan Miles
Actor: Jack Clifford
Make-up artist: Monika Swiatek
Camera assistant: Kieran Hodges
Lighting Technician: Laurentiu Maria
Art Director: Rebecca Fisher

HELP support the Adam Bell Foundation raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes.

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