Popular UK seaside towns

When it comes to seaside getaways, the United Kingdom boasts a plethora of charming coastal towns that offer breathtaking scenery, rich history, and vibrant cultures. Whether you’re seeking a family-friendly destination, a romantic escape, or a thrilling adventure, the UK seaside towns have something for everyone. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular UK seaside towns that are sure to captivate your imagination and leave you yearning for a coastal retreat.

What is the Best Seaside Town in Britain?

Determining the best seaside town in Britain is a subjective matter, as each town possesses its own unique charm and appeal. However, there are a few towns that consistently rank high in terms of popularity and visitor satisfaction. One such town is Brighton. Located on the south coast of England, Brighton is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere, stunning architecture, and lively beachfront. The iconic Brighton Pier, bustling promenade, and a multitude of entertainment options make it a top choice for many travelers. With a diverse range of restaurants, boutique shops, and cultural attractions, Brighton offers a little something for everyone.

What is the Most Popular Seaside in the UK?

When it comes to the most popular seaside in the UK, one name that often comes to mind is Blackpool. Situated on the northwest coast of England, Blackpool has been a beloved seaside destination for over a century. It is famous for its iconic Blackpool Tower, which offers panoramic views of the coastline, as well as its sandy beaches, amusement arcades, and traditional fish and chips. Blackpool also hosts the famous Illuminations, a dazzling light show that attracts millions of visitors each year. With a rich history and a lively atmosphere, Blackpool continues to be a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

What is the Happiest Seaside Town in the UK?

When it comes to measuring happiness in seaside towns, various factors come into play, such as quality of life, community spirit, and natural beauty. One town that consistently stands out in terms of happiness is St Ives. Nestled in the picturesque county of Cornwall, St Ives is renowned for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and thriving art scene. The town’s narrow cobbled streets, charming fishing harbor, and vibrant art galleries create a truly enchanting atmosphere. With breathtaking coastal walks, delicious seafood, and a welcoming community, St Ives exudes a sense of happiness and contentment that is hard to match.

What is the Largest Seaside Town in the UK?

When it comes to size, the largest seaside town in the UK is Bournemouth. Located on the south coast of England, Bournemouth offers an impressive stretch of sandy beaches that span approximately seven miles. This bustling coastal town boasts a vibrant nightlife, a wide range of water sports activities, and a host of entertainment options. Bournemouth is also home to the Bournemouth International Centre, a renowned conference and exhibition venue that attracts visitors from all over the world. With its lively atmosphere and abundance of attractions, Bournemouth has firmly established itself as a major seaside destination.

Exploring More UK Seaside Towns

While Brighton, Clacton-on-Sea, Blackpool, Dartmouth, Bamburgh, Skegness, St Ives, Gt Yarmouth, Portstewart, Co. Londonderry/Derry, Portmeirion, Gwynedd, St Andrews, Fife, Tynemouth, Tyne and Wear, Aldeburgh, Suffolk, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Tobermory, Isle of Mull and Bournemouth are certainly popular choices, the UK is brimming with many more captivating seaside towns waiting to be discovered. Here are a few additional towns that deserve a mention:

1. Whitby

Located on the North Yorkshire coast, Whitby offers a perfect blend of history, natural beauty, and delicious seafood. This charming town is famous for its association with Bram Stoker’s “Dracula” and features an imposing abbey overlooking the coastline.

2. Scarborough

Scarborough, situated on the North Sea coast, is a traditional seaside resort that has been welcoming visitors for centuries. With its picturesque harbor, sandy beaches, and a wealth of attractions, it remains a favorite destination for families.

3. Newquay

Renowned as the surfing capital of the UK, Newquay in Cornwall attracts water sports enthusiasts from far and wide. Its stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and lively atmosphere make it a popular choice among younger travelers seeking adventure and fun.

4. Llandudno

Located in North Wales, Llandudno offers a blend of Victorian elegance and natural beauty. With its iconic promenade, grand Victorian architecture, and beautiful pier, Llandudno transports visitors back in time to a bygone era of charm and sophistication.

5. Southwold

Nestled on the Suffolk coast, Southwold is a delightful town known for its colorful beach huts, charming pier, and quaint shops. Its idyllic setting and relaxed ambiance make it a perfect retreat for those seeking tranquility.


The UK’s coastal towns offer an array of experiences and delights that cater to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re searching for lively entertainment, stunning natural beauty, or a peaceful retreat, the popular UK seaside towns mentioned in this article provide a fantastic starting point for your coastal explorations. From Brighton’s vibrant atmosphere to Blackpool’s traditional charm, St Ives’ artistic allure, Bournemouth’s size and liveliness, and the many other captivating towns, the UK’s seaside towns are sure to leave a lasting impression on any visitor.

So pack your sunscreen, grab your beach towel, and embark on an adventure to discover the wonders of these popular UK seaside towns.

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