Camila Cabello waited years for first kiss with Shawn Mendes

Pop star Camila Cabello has revealed she spent her teen years waiting for Shawn Mendes to kiss her, but the situation was the inspiration behind her new single

Camila Cabello waited years to have her first kiss with Shawn Mendes.

The 24-year-old singer has admitted she spent her teenage years lusting after Shawn, and she’s now revealed how the situation inspired her single, ‘Don’t Go Yet’.

She said: “It was so easy for me to write this song because it’s such a vivid memory that I have from before my current boyfriend was my boyfriend.

“I remember us being like 16 or 17 and a few times – a handful of times – feeling like we were going to this after party or a party and I was like, ‘This is the night, this is the night that we’re finally gonna kiss and it’s finally gonna turn into more than just a friendship.'”

However, things took a lot longer than Camila had hoped, with the former Fifth Harmony singer adding that she often got “angry” when Shawn would ignore her advances.

“In my mind I had these hopes of how the night was gonna play out. It would end with us taking tequila shots and kissing and falling in love with each other but it would always end with him being like, ‘I got a performance tomorrow, I gotta go to sleep’ and I would just get so angry and so sad.”

The brunette beauty subsequently explained how her frustrations inspired one of her records.

Camila – who has been dating Shawn, 23, since July 2019 – recalled: “I’d be like ‘Don’t go yet. You’re not following the script that I wrote in my mind’.

“So that first verse that I wrote was that scene. I knew it all too well.” | News on celebrities, movies, music, television and more

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