Cynthia Nixon wants to make Sex and the City 3 movie

Cynthia Nixon would love to make a third ‘Sex and the City’ movie if Sarah Jessica Parker also agrees to star.

The 49-year-old actress is ”very proud” of the TV show and it’s two spin-off films and would jump at the chance of reprising her role of Miranda Hobbes again.

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She said: ”I’d absolutely do another ‘SATC’ movie – if Michael Patrick King wanted to write it and Sarah Jessica Parker wanted to do it. I’m very proud of it.”

When she was first cast as lawyer Miranda, Cynthia – who has children Samantha, 19, and Charles, 13, with ex-husband Danny Mozes and Charles, four, with wife Christine Marinoni – felt she didn’t have much in common with her character, but by the time the show ended, she found they were ”completely” alike, though she is still unsure how that happened.

She continued to Woman mag: ”It’s funny because when we first started doing it, I felt I was very little like Miranda.

”And then by the very last episode, somebody asked me that question and I thought, ‘I’m completely like her in every way.’

”I don’t know if I became more like her from playing her or if I became like her because the writer saw this assertive person in me.”

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