How much does the vet school cost per year in the Caribbean?

The school of veterinary in the Caribbean prepares you to enter the exciting world of veterinary medicine. Pursuing a veterinary degree requires dedication and hard work to gain in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of veterinary science. The island vet school does offer rolling admission. However, they have a holistic approach towards admission, meaning they accept students with good GPA, determination, and passion for being a strong candidate for the DVM program. If you are inclined towards veterinary science, opt for a vet school in the Caribbean for an excellent learning experience.

The Caribbean veterinary school tuition cost is lower than the fees for a US school out of the state while offering a high-quality education. However, if you have the passion and drive, investing in your degree can truly shape your entire professional career. If you are looking for the cost of the Caribbean vet school, then this article is stuffed with the relevant information.

Investing the hard-earned money in a degree program can make you a skilled veterinary doctor skilled in the art of veterinary science. If you are looking to pursue a veterinary medicine course from an island vet school, the cost per year can range between $189,090 to $200,492.

The Veterinary medicine program on the Caribbean island is divided into basic science and clinical medicine program. You will spend the first seven semesters learning the basic science and then applying that knowledge in clinical skills and surgery courses later in the final semesters.

The per semester cost of the basic sciences is around $17,725 that adds to a total of $35,450 per year tuition fees. Clinical science tuition fees cost approximately $27,050 per semester, making $54,100 yearly. However, apart from the tuition fees, the students need to pay $100 per semester as information technology fees and $175 per semester as administration fees. These are the vet school tuition fees. However, the students are subjected to other miscellaneous fees that must be considered while selecting a vet school. Here is a list of expenses other than the cost mentioned above.

  • Health Insurance(per semester, unless producing a coverage)     $653
  • Malpractice insurance(per year) only for clinical science               $20
  • Transcript request                                                                           $10
  • Letter of reference-free for the first three-time, after that                $10
  • Graduation fee                                                                                $500
  • Lab fees                                                                                          $150-$200
  • Whitecoat ceremony in 6th semester                                               $60
  • Documents copy up to 15 pages                                                     $15
  • Late registration fees                                                                       $250
  • Leave of absence fees                                                                    $500

The fees structure is subject to change depending upon your choice of institution. Hence, checking the respective website can be a wise move as a prospective student.

Immersing yourself in a veterinary medicine program from a top-grade Caribbean medical school can offer you a good return on investment. Studying in a Caribbean vet school can be highly advantageous as the students get the opportunity to deal with a diverse number of animal patients to gain hands-on learning. The medical aspirant can also visit their on-campus veterinary teaching hospitals to enhance their learning experience. Log on to our website to get more information about the veterinary medicine program!


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