The 10 weirdest ‘Star Wars’ Characters

The Star Wars galaxy is home to some of the most beloved characters in all of fiction. From the movies to the novels, from Darth Vader to Darth Revan, just about every character is bound to be someone’s favorite, whether they’re on the Light Side or the Dark Side.

And then there are these guys. If you thought the likes of Salacious Crumb and Klaud were strange, you haven’t seen anything yet! You’ll never find an odder hive of heroes and villains, from space-faring, anthropomorphic rabbits to direct homages to the cartoon series Scooby-Doo.

Sha’a G

They say anyone is capable of becoming a Jedi, so what if Shaggy from Scooby-Doo took up the robes and lightsaber? Sha’a Gi is the character you would get!

Appearing in only one chapter of the Clone Wars micro-series, Sha’a Gi was just as cowardly as his namesake, leading to his death at the hands of General Grievous. Maybe he’d fare better if he had a couple of Scooby Snacks?


Those who’ve played LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga may know about a mission on Mos Espa, where the player chases after a spooky, charcoal black protocol droid. That droid is none other than Nobot.

Also known as the “Ghost Droid,” Nobot is featured briefly in The Phantom Menace. The Expanded Universe later explained that the droid was a being who wandered aimlessly throughout the desert. It witnessed the murder of a young woman and would play an audio recording of the event, prompting many to wonder if the droid was the killer

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The 1970s Star Wars comics, published by Marvel, tend to be considered the franchise at its absolute weirdest. Jaxxon, a tall green rabbit (or Lepi), is the poster boy for all of Marvel’s crazy creations.

A smuggler and captain of the Rabbit’s Foot, Jaxxon was a member of the Star-Hoppers, a group created by Han Solo to help keep a small village safe. Though the character is undoubtedly silly, he’s one of the few Expanded Universe characters to show up in modern canon stories, from the Star Wars Adventures comics to even a shout-out in The Clone Wars (albeit as a corpse).


Don’t think for a second that modern Star Wars stories aren’t afraid to get a little goofy. Geode, a character from the ongoing High Republic stories, is living proof of that.

A sentient rock, Geode is a co-pilot of the Vessel and is pretty shy. When you get to know him, though, he is very friendly and can even be a bit of a flirt. Also, his language can only be understood by those without a mouth because why would a rock have a mouth?

Mount Sorrow

The 1980s Ewoks animated series is far from a revered piece of Star Wars media, with the comics based on the cartoon being even less so. The one notable thing about the Ewoks comics? They introduced the world to Mount Sorrow.

As its name implies, Mount Sorrow is a mountain that is always crying. Sorrow possessed the power to heal others, which was used on the Ewok Teebo when he acquired a permanent laughing spell. It goes to show you that even a melancholy mountain has a soft side.

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We’ve seen Jedi of various species, sizes, and shapes throughout the Star Wars saga. But what about a Jedi Hutt?

The only Hutt to ever become a Jedi, Beldorion fell to darkness and became the ruler of the planet Nam Chorios. Years later, Leia Organa was captured by Beldorion, leading to a lightsaber duel where only Leia emerged alive. Hutts might not be known for being fighters, but Beldorion’s strength makes him a true force to be reckoned with.


Hardcore Star Wars fans will likely be familiar with the tale of Triclops, the alleged son of Emperor Palpatine in Star Wars Legends. Few, however, seem to know of Trioculus, the man who posed as Triclops.

Trioculus posed as the Emperor’s son as a means to seize the Imperial throne. To help his cause, he also began a search for the glove of Darth Vader, which he also believed would give him force powers. Unfortunately for him, many others were also interested in ruling the Imperial remnants, leading directly to his assassination.

Willrow Hood

In The Empire Strikes Back, you may have noticed a man running through Cloud City carrying an ice-cream maker machine. That man is Willrow Hood, and he’ll carry that machine no matter what!

While Willrow Hood doesn’t have much in the way of an elaborate backstory, he has had quite the impact on the fandom. Hood has been made into an action figure, appeared in the recent LEGO: Star Wars game, and fans even dress up as him in hordes at Star Wars: Celebration. Not so bad for a character who’s on-screen for mere seconds!


A Wookiee Jedi isn’t too strange in the Star Wars universe. The High Republic gave us Burryaga, The Clone Wars introduced Gungi, and the list goes on. How does a character who is a Jedi, a Wookiee, and the nephew of Chewbacca sound?

Lowbacca, also known by his nickname “Lowie,” was a Jedi in Luke’s restored Jedi Order. Armed with a bronze-colored lightsaber, he was one of Skywalker’s most exceptional students. Whether or not he’s willing to rip arms out of anyone’s sockets remains to be seen.

Therm Scissorpunch

The scene at the Lodge in Solo is a classic example of a Star Wars creature showcase. Therm Scissorpunch easily takes the cake as the strangest of all the uncanny inhabitants at the Lodge.

Armed with crab claws and one of the goofiest names in Star Wars history (which is saying a lot), Scissorpunch could be seen gambling away in the aforementioned Lodge. Therm doesn’t take losing well, which makes him a card player you may want to be careful around.

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