The 8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Shakespeare Lovers

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Visitors at The Shakespeare’s Globe May 29,2011 in London. Opened to the public in 1997, this building is a reconstruction of The Globe where Shakespeare presented many of his plays.The ideal holiday gift?

We all know someone who loves Shakespeare. With the holidays coming up, you need to start looking for the perfect gift for the Shakespeare-lover in your life. If you’re at a loss for what to get, don’t worry! There are many Shakespeare-themed gifts out there waiting to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. You will find the perfect one, especially with this list of ideas to help you out!

The Card

First things first: you need a card. Whether you’re giving a holiday present or buying something for a friend just to show your appreciation, a card will make your gift even more special. If you’re purchasing a Shakespeare-themed gift, you should have a Shakespeare-themed card! This website lets you generate Shakespearean insults, which is the perfect touch to add to your message inside the card. Get creative!

Performance Tickets

Shakespeare plays are still performed today, even at the same theater that was used during Shakespeare’s lifetime! Every Shakespeare-lover’s ultimate dream is to see a play performed, so performance tickets are a great gift. You don’t have to fly to England–there are often plays being put on locally, in your hometown, that you can purchase tickets for. This is a great gift because you can make lasting memories and have a fun experience.

More of Shakespeare’s Work

A great present for a Shakespearean mind is more literature, especially more of Shakespeare’s literature! Many people know Shakespeare for his plays, but he also wrote sonnets and other poetry. Find out if your friend has read all of Shakespeare’s plays, and purchase any they haven’t. You can also see if they’ve dived into any of Shakespeare’s other works, such as his poetry, and purchase these collections for them!

Special Editions

There are many special editions of Shakespeare’s works. These make a great gift, even for someone who already has a copy of each play. Special editions often have a redesigned cover, colored edges, and illustrations throughout. You can look for editions that are only out for a limited time to make the gift extra special! Special editions can often be found in bookstores, although you may find a greater selection online.

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Enamel Pins

Enamel pins are a perfect gift. Many people love collecting pins and sticking them to backpacks, clothes, or special pin holders. You can find pins themed after Shakespeare and his plays online. If the Shakespeare-lover in your life hasn’t started their pin collection yet, consider getting them a special pin holder, too! This can range from a board made just for pins or a cork board that you customize.

Writing Supplies

Readers are often writers, too–there’s no better gift to give a writer than writing supplies that remind them of their biggest inspiration! Shakespeare pens, sticky notes, computer sleeves, and more can be found online. The Shakespeare-lover in your life will appreciate these types of gifts for their functionality as well as for the style they add to their office. You can’t go wrong with Shakespeare-themed writing supplies.


Bookmarks, like pins, can be a collector’s item. They are also constantly in use by those who love to read, so a bookmark is a great idea for a holiday gift! Shakespeare-themed bookmarks are easy to come by, so you are sure to find a few locally. Even if you don’t, there is a huge selection online! You can stick to bookmarks made of paper, or go for the more special metal option. Either way, it’ll make a great gift.

Magnetic Shakespeare Poetry Kits

If your Shakespeare-lover has a fridge decorated with more magnets than you can count, they would love a magnetic Shakespeare poetry kit. These kits contain famous words and phrases from Shakespeare’s works, and allow the user to stick them to their fridge, or anything else that is magnetic. This can make for some hilarious combinations, as well as allow Shakespeare to be ever present in your friend’s kitchen.

Holiday gift-giving is stressful, but now, you don’t have to worry about what to give the Shakespeare-lover in your life. Any of these Shakespearean items make for great gifts, especially for the holidays. Don’t wait to buy gifts! The holidays are coming up quickly; you don’t want to be left buying everything at the last minute. Most importantly, have fun with it, and spread holiday cheer with your perfect gifts this year!

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