The Ultimate Way To Organize A House Move

You’ve been trying to sell your home and have had no luck at all earlier in the year and then just as the festive season begins and the first carols start to play, everything suddenly sets into motion and before you know it you’re planning a house move before the next holiday.

Whether you are upgrading your home, opting for a different lifestyle or to be closer to family, if you want to Sell Your Home then be prepared to get organised. This article can help you do exactly that.

1. Declutter – Get rid of items that have accumulated put it in storage.

2. A fresh lick of paint. Giving your walls a fresh lick of neutral paint will make your home seem lighter and bigger.

3. Maximise kerb appeal. Kerb appeal creates a lasting first impression.

4. You will also need to fix any repairs, update the kitchen/bathroom and set the scene with (Lighting/decoration)

Here’s the ultimate way to organize a house move before Christmas.

Plan ahead

Whether you think you are going to sell within a couple of months or not the key to being ready if things do suddenly get put into motion is to plan ahead. Start de-cluttering and cleaning your home as soon as possible, give away any items you no longer need and carefully think about what things you want to be taking with you. The less stuff you have, the easier it is to pack. Also, start putting a plan in place as to how you want to move, will you be doing the move yourself, do you need to rent a van or will you be using a professional moving team?

Pack early

Living in a packed up house is no fun but the more packing that you can do prior to the final few days the less stress you will be under. Start packing non-essentials two weeks before your move date leaving yourself just the very essential items you need to live with for the final few days. When packing use sturdy boxes and label them with their contents and which room they need to go into when they reach your new home. Finally, to make sure you can make your new home feel as festive as possible when you arrive pack a box dedicated to your Christmas decorations.

Get help

Moving is hard work, there’s no doubt about that, and if there’s one thing that can help to take the stress off of you and your back it will be getting in some professional help. Professional movers can often move a house in one trip, saving you the back and forth and they can also help to move items to their new locations. Remember that removal companies can be very busy over the festive period as people try to get moved in before Christmas, so book them early to avoid disappointment.

Moving in time for Christmas is probably up there with some people’s worst nightmares, both Christmas and moving house are known to be stressful, and combining the two may seem like a recipe for disaster. However, it can be done, so whether you are in the early stages of looking at properties in South Carolina by searching for Florence SC homes for sale on the EZ Home Search website, or if you have already secured your new home, there are some simple steps that can make your move more seamless.

Contact your supplier’s early

No one wants to be left without power, heating or water over the Christmas period so be sure to contact your old and new utility suppliers in plenty of time to ensure that you are switched on in your new home and won’t be receiving any nasty surprises.

Have an unpacking party

Moving your belongings to your new home is half the battle and the next is unpacking. To help get your new home set up for Christmas why not host an un-packing party with family and friends so that they can get you out of your boxes and back to some sense of normality before the big day. Your home may not be how you intend it to be forever but it will be far better than living in a semi-unpacked mess.

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