Importance of Training Need Identification in Organisation

Training Need Identification,

In an organisation, it is extremely important to determine the training needs. There may be several gaps that may incur during the trainings that are conducted in the organisation, to uncover these gaps in the development and ensure that the main motive of the training is achieved by matching it to the needs of the organisation.

Training need identification is basically a tool designed to understand what activities and courses an employee should be provided with in order for the employees to improve their productivity. For an effective result it is important that the needs of the employees be understood as opposed to the wants.

The Importance   

  1. To shortlist which training would be useful in order to improve the job performance of the employee.
  2. To point out if this training provided will actually make a difference in the performance of the employee 
  3. To understand sync between what is needed by the employee and what the goals of the organisation are.

If done correctly, it provides the base on which all of the other trainings and activities are considered. Also, a close thought and clear analysis, this task needs to be carried out with all the sensitivity as employees learning is of utmost importance to them, and it is the reputation of the organization which is at stake.

Analysis of the training needs is important from the prospective of both the organisations point as well as from the point of an individual. From the organisation’s view it is necessary because the objectives that it desires to achieve are for the wellbeing of all members, like customers, suppliers, owners, employees, and neighbours. 

Various levels these can be executed:

Identifying the needs is done on different levels to make sure of different needs.

Needs of the Organisation: These affect the overall performance of the organisation. Here the identification of needs is done in a way to find out if or not the organisation is matching its current performance outputs and objectives or not and in case it is not then, finding out ways in which the training can help it in doing so. These training needs can also identified in the organisation when it makes the decision that it needs to adopt a fresh strategy, creating a newer product, undergoing a big-scale change agenda, or developing important new relations ions, which may include joining hands and forming partnerships.

Needs of Group: Ever since working in teams and groups has become prevalent in today’s corporate scenario world, there has been an increased emphasis on the team’s effectiveness and how the team is performing. Therefore, these needs in today’s worlds are even identified as the needs of the group. The main concern of these training needs is the performance of how an individual group, that maybe a team, subunit, function, or so on. The Information on this team’s performance may identify as the areas of need – which, may also be for the trainings or any other intervention. It is thereby used to determine a way of effectively of this particular group that goes about doing the business and also meets the current objectives.

Individual Needs

This main concerns the performance of an individual or more than one individuals (as an individual, instead as a member of the group). Here the identification of the needs is to find out that to what limit an individual needs to learn or trained to bring out their present level of performance up to the expected level as an outcome of changes that are made in processes and the methods that are required for fresh skills and competencies.

Like any other tool that is available this one also its own set of Pros and cons. Discussing each one of them as under:


  1. It helps in determining that who and when needs to be trained and how.
  2. In determining what needs to be trained – Identifying the performance gaps here is the key and by having new hiring employees and experienced employees taking online assessments. These evaluations can be developed and or can be worked out online. The main significance of training analysis is effective assessments that help in determining if or not training is required based on the respondent’s result. If a training session is required, then the results reveal the areas that require training.
  3. Helps in directing resources to the areas that require greatest priority
  4. Helps in improving the workers’ productivity
  5. Helps in improving the quality of the services provided

Cons of a Training Needs Analysis:

  1. It is time consuming to conduct surveys and evaluating it.
  2. It is expensive and it requires a third party to carry out the processes
  3. Low responses from the participants affect the overall effectiveness of the analysis.
  4. While the intention of the training analysis has been fulfilled, organisations business needs must be changed, making the results baseless.
  5. Employees fear that their employer may not utilize the overall collected data in order to punish rather than helping them, causing the employees to be false in their self-assessments.

Overcoming the Challenges:

  1. Fair surveys and assessments and would be time-consuming in order to develop and take, but these are the tools that need to be considerably cut the time these events may take. An LMS may help in assessment of structure and questions related to survey to cut down on development time, and can deliver seamlessly the content to the complete staff that should be taken at a time which is convenient for the employees
  2. Assessments carried online can also be taken and do not need have to be finished during the work hours. 
  1.   The cost of training is pretty simple. By developing the material in-house and conducting the trainings in-house
  2.   Improve the rate of response of the surveys by making them brief with instructions that are clear. 

Training need identification is very important for the organization so that employees fulfil their respective goals in turn fulfilling organizational goals.

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