3 Easy, High-Impact Paint Jobs to Try this Weekend

If you feel like getting crafty, but don’t have a lot of time to commit, there are some simple paint jobs that can take you less than a single weekend.

It doesn’t have to be a big paint job to make a big difference!

Whether you’re looking for an art project or want to give a tired space a bit of a facelift, we’ve rounded up three high-impact DIY paint jobs for you to try.

Paint an outdoor area

Whether you want to paint an exterior wall, fence, shutters or decking, an outdoor paint task is a great non-invasive project that won’t interrupt your life indoors.

For example, the team at Monarch recently updated this small balcony area, complete with a new roof, paint and styling.

An outdoor paint job can make a big difference.

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Professional painter Mark O’Connor says you’ll need brushes and rollers if you’re painting large areas like walls or ceilings. Just remember, if using rollers you’ll also need a quality roller frame and pole to help you along.

“Roller poles are essential when painting walls and ceilings safely,” Mark shares. “You should not be getting up and down on a ladder to reach ceilings or the tops of walls. A quality roller pole will hold your roller securely and allow you to achieve a better, easier paint finish on ceilings and walls.

“The Heavy Duty Expertech roller frame is the best frame to use when using a roller pole and rolling large areas, like ceilings and walls. The Comfort Grip roller frame is the perfect frame to use when you want to hold the roller in your hand for projects like painting doors or cupboards.”

If painting smaller, ‘fiddly’ features — such as fence posts, beams and balustrades — use a Monarch Walls, Doors and Trims brush.

Paint some planter pots

This small, low-stakes task is a great way to practice, experiment and have fun with paint. Plus, you’d be surprised by the impact a new pot can have on a space!

Terracotta or clay pots can be picked-up cheaply and come in all shapes and sizes. You can then decide on a design, whether that be a fun pattern or a classic two-tone job.

Painting your pots is a great way to get creative.

For a project like this, a quality brush like the Monarch Walls, Doors and Trims will do the trick. Also, don’t underestimate the importance of a paint bucket or smaller tin to help with brush jobs.

“Never carry around a full can of paint,” Mark advises. “The best thing to do is to simply pour about a litre of paint into your four litre paint pot. Now it is easier to load your brush, and it’s more convenient and safer to walk around with a pot that is not full of heavy paint. Plus, you can stand your paint brush in the pot to keep it moist when you are taking a break from painting.”

Do some wall stencilling

Whether you’ve got kids or a just a few spare walls you want to decorate, try your hand at some simple stencilling.

You don’t have to be Banksy to have fun painting stencils!

Whether you want to create a wave pattern, draw some leaves, or create something even more challenging, simply find your desired stencil, trace it to your wall with a pencil, then start your painting. For a very small job like this, Monarch recommends its 12mm Bevel Liner to get this kind of job done.

If you’re worried about straying outside the lines, keep a clean cloth handy to wipe away any accidents, plus use masking tape around the edge of your design to keep the lines sharp.

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