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The Best Home Decor Finds To Brighten Your Mood And Elevate Your Space This Year

We all want lovely homes and these days, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed with the constant news cycle or simply trying to handle all of the family, personal and work responsibilities that are on your plate. What’s one way to help your mental health? Revamping your space with new home decor ideas!

The expenses that come with buying, renovating and decorating a home can add up, but fortunately, there are ways to save money every step of the way, even if it means you doing the decorating yourself.

Studies have shown that interior design has the potential to affect our happiness and wellbeing. According to Psychology Tomorrow, everything from paint color and floor material to layout and lighting can influence our mood for better or worse. So even if yummy scented candles and jewel-toned pillows aren’t your thing, switching up your home decor can still be a great way to enter each season with a fresh perspective and mindset. Ahead, an assortment of accessories, art, textiles and more to reinvigorate your home this year.

Some things, simply put, are never finished. In the hopes of helping you decorate savvily for all the rest of your live long days.

From simple home decor tricks to more dramatic room makeover, these ideas will help you transform your home

How To Start Decorating a New House show

1 Get Past The Initial Overwhelm.

2 Define Your Style.

3 Set your Color Scheme.

4 Define The Function of Each Space.

5 Visualize with Mood Boards.

6 Shop with Confidence.

7 Start With Large Pieces, Then Layer in Accessories.

8 Consider an Online Designer.

Decorating your house from scratch doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tips, you’ll have an action plan in place in no time so the decorating fun can begin!

Because a ‘dream’ home does not look like a collection of empty spaces, with bare walls and floors. No, it looks like those designer creations in magazines that you’ve been staring for months, right?

The lines, the colors, the textures, and the light…they’ve all been swimming around in your head. The house is finally yours to decorate but you are no closer to knowing what you want, or even where to start.

Define your style

Decide on an overall vision for your home. Make sure you’re clear on your personal decorating style and your design preferences so that you don’t get side-tracked or confused by other styles during the process. 

What is the colour scheme

Once you’re clear on the style you’re planning on decorating in (boho, farmhouse, transitional, or a mixture of different styles), it’s time to choose an overall color scheme.

Copy the Pros

Look in design books and magazines, as well as at online resources like Houzz, Pinterest and Instagram to sharpen your personal style. “Figure out the style that you respond to most,”. 

Once you have images yu like, study the details, advised Mr. Kleinberg. “See where pattern is used versus where solids are used, and where color can be used successfully or not,” he said. It will also help inform everything from the type of furniture you might like to a potential strategy for window coverings.  

Don’t Start in the Furniture Store

Don’t go shopping in a panic, just because you have an empty home. Yes, you need a sofa. But if you pick the pink-striped sectional just because you like it in the store, without taking measurements or thinking about the rest of the room, you’re stuck with it. The rest of the room will have to be built around that sofa, and if it’s too large for the space it will look forever awkward. 

Start in the room you’re looking to furnish, armed with a measuring tape and a notepad. 

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