4 Timeless, Simple Strategies to Boost Your High Performance

You wake up excited about your day and ready to take on life. Every day, new hacks and tricks are coming out to help you optimize as a high performer. Without getting into all the new-age methods, some of those hacks work, and some are just trash. Below is a list of four timeless strategies to boost your high performance. No coach in their right mind would argue with this list.

1. Build daily stress offloading protocol

Stress is the #1 silent killer worldwide. No one is immune to stress, no matter how many organic green drinks full of vibrant dark leafy greens you consume or the countless hours of high-quality coaching you receive. Every day, you have to de-stress. One of the most powerful ways to de-stress is using a proven method called deep diaphragmatic breathing.

This is as simple as laying down on the ground. Make sure all smartphones and smartwatches are off. Close your eyes, and just intentionally breath deeply for five minutes. Just be present with your thoughts, and let each thought and idea flow without trying to control them. You may want to set an alarm with a soothing alert notification when the time is up.

This is powerful because as a high performer, you are constantly on “go” mode and knocking down the next task, often neglecting your own thoughts and needs. As crazy as it may seem, you forget to breathe too. So, this allows you to be selfish and focus on yourself for a change of pace.

2. Get around other high-performing people

The simple and fastest way to boost your high performance is to connect with other high performers. Just by being around them, you will start to see their choices. As a result, being associated with them will force you to adapt and grow so you can fit into your new reality. As you notice their choices, you will also see the choices they do not make, which will influence you to create new unique, better habits and preferences daily.

If you start to make more high-performing choices, you will naturally become a high performer. Word of caution: Success and money don’t make a person a high performer. I know many people who succeed with plenty of money in the bank, but their health is killing them, and their personal relationships are nonexistent. So, with that word of warning, find high performers who have it all — not just money, online success, and society’s view of success.

3. Prioritize your to-do list down to only 3 items

Every day, your to-do list is just as high as your performance level. And with all those items to be completed, it seems like it may never get done. However, being a high performer doesn’t mean you have to do it all. Instead, pick the top three items that require your attention immediately and must be done to move your business or life forward.

The rest of the list looks for ways to delegate or even outsource that task, so you save yourself much-needed space to focus back on other vital areas. Top high performers are not doing everything alone. They understand the importance of having a team and delegating tasks. This will boost your mental capacity, energy and performance.

Sense of accomplishment will go up too. Many high performers feel like they are not doing enough when they are light years ahead and getting more done in a weekend than some do in a year.

4. Sleep: quality over quantity

We live in a time where we praise the workaholic who drinks endless cups of coffee and can complete mountains of work while functioning on three hours of sleep. Because if you sleep, then you are considered lazy and unproductive. This is a huge myth going around in the motivational speaking space. Not sleeping enough is the fastest way to burn out and rapidly decrease your immune system, making you vulnerable to many diseases.

Sleep is a basic yet highly essential human need and one of the fastest ways to boost you into high performance in all areas of your life and business. Sleep helps your whole body recharge after long hard days. In addition, many critical hormones are released while you are sleeping.

Do nothing but sleep in your bed. Keep the room as dark as possible and even lower the temperature as well. Try to sleep and wake up at the same time consistently, and do not use your phone within one hour of bedtime.

Being a high performer is not about always doing everything. It is more important to be consistent with a few items, and start at your own pace. But regardless of where you are right now, I can guarantee that if you implement these four timeless, simple strategies and are intentionally consistent, you will boost your high performance.

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