Best Math Classes for 3-8 Kids With Creta Class

A majority of children find maths difficult. While there are various ways to improve your child’s math skills, Creta Class India offers online classes, especially for kids ages 3 to 8.

Several popular learning tools and methodologies, such as Creta Class, improve mathematical concepts and fluency with numbers. Children who often fear or dislike maths can benefit from such learning tools. 

Your kids can understand the concepts better and grow an interest in maths from a very early age. However, kids prefer app-based learning with animations, videos, games, and activity-based learning, which is much more impactful and exciting. 

Basic Math Arithmetic Skills are Essential 

Math Arithmetic skills involve calculating basic operations like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. All sorts of calculations can be quickly done, such as counting decimal points and negative numbers. 

Children can learn tips and tricks to count numbers quickly. The creative or activity-based mode of learning is becoming very popular daily. Online learning methods with Creta Class are the most effective solutions for young learners. 

Benefits of Math Learning with Creta Class

There are several benefits of learning mathematical skills. Let’s check out the benefits. 

  1. Improvement in Mathematics

Activity-based learning and fun math games in kid’s math classes can instill your love for mathematics. It is crucial to focus if you want to improve in a particular subject. The more challenging you work, the better the results. However, it is not an easy thing to improve your concentration. Most kids aged 3 to 12 years tend to be distracted very easily. This is normal. However, your child needs to build better concentration power. That is going to take time. Creta Class’s learning strategy will help your kid improve concentration as each lesson will only last less than 15 mins with animation and will have instant feedback from a 1v1 mentor after the course.

  1. Better Analysis 

In mathematics, analysis is equally important. Activity-based learning with Creta Class math classes for kids with Creta Class helps improve analysis power and improve logical thinking. Such activity-based practice exercises help a student improve their observation skills. With practice, it becomes easier for them to analyze different aspects of a problem and solve them quickly using various techniques. 

  1. Better Memory

With interactive learning sessions at Creta Class, your kid can also mentally solve math problems. It helps improve the brain’s capacity and enables us to remember quickly. This eventually leads to the development of memory power. 

  1. Gain confidence 

If a child can calculate faster, grasping other complex mathematical concepts is easier. Your child will automatically gain confidence if their speed and accuracy increase. Creta Class offers instant feedback in each class after learning. Children can feel confident immediately. With so much appreciation, it helps boost their confidence.

  1. Stress-Free Learning

The activity-based or app-based method of kids’ learning at Creta Class encourages stress-free understanding of mathematical concepts. It helps build confidence with time. The problem-solving skills of a child are improved with time. Students do not just learn about the correct answer, but they do get to understand the concept of logical reasoning as well. 

  1. Strengthening of Memory and Visuals

A good way of learning can always help strengthen visualization power and memory power. Overall, a child will be able to read and write better. A boost of creativity and imagination, along with better understanding, is what every child needs. 


Creta Class understands the exact need of young children. The team of professionals has devices for online learning curricula to instill interest in learning mathematics and curiosity about logical thinking. Visit Creta Class to learn more about their online courses and curriculum. 

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