How Hip Hop Music Helps Students to Relieve Stress While Studying

Hip hop is not just a genre of music. It is a culture, a trend, and a way of life. Young men and women in college live hip hop, eat hip hop, dress hip hop and even walk hip hop. It is their whole existence.

There is even a special slang language used by hip hop fans, and which is mostly adapted from the lyrics.

In the past, hip hop was primarily a male-dominated genre of music that was always associated with revolutions. This narrative has changed over the years after it occurred that most of the artists were law-abiding citizens despite some hip-hop lyrics being about crime and drugs. There was no proof that the few out of order engaged in crime because of hip-hop influence.

There is no lie in saying that students, both male and female, appreciate hip hop big time. 

Hip hop history is rich with information and exciting findings, especially on ancient slavery, the early Negro church, and the whole racism fiasco that has proven to be monumental. These are areas of interest to many academicians studying history, sociology, and trends in education.

It is no wonder that hip-hop culture is the most researched subject has received thousands of hip-hop-related topics, cutting across all aspects of the genre.

Most famous hip-hop artists started their musical journey in college. Well, some never managed to complete their studies for personal reasons, but others got their accolades then proceeded to advance their hip-hop careers.

Does hip hop affect academic performance adversely? 

There has been an ongoing debate insinuating that the hip-hop culture is a distraction to academic performance. But is this the case?

Myths sell quickly, especially when their agenda is to demean or discourage certain social activities. Most people find it easier to believe propaganda than delving deeper into the subject matter and getting the facts right.

Ask yourself, how come other music genres such as RnB or Blues are not said to be a distraction? Why it is that only hip hop seems to be having a negative impact on the students?

The answer is quite simple. In the past, hip hop was believed to spread the message of hatred and crime. This is not the case anymore. Today, hip hop is just another music genre that the masses appreciate. The same applies to reggae. Not all reggae lovers are from the Rastafarian community, yet they enjoy their beats and lyrics.

In conclusion, therefore, hip hop does not adversely affect academic performance. Instead of blaming it on hip hop, students should normalize engaging essay writing services such to help with their school projects.

How does hip hop Help students to relieve stress while Studying?

If you love something and have a deep-sited passion for it, it is highly likely to impact your life positively.

College students are at the peak of socialization and developing a sense of identity. Therefore, they should be encouraged to engage in activities that mold them and improve their networks. Here are some ways that hip hop contributes to this sense of togetherness.

Hip hop promotes physical activities.

It goes without saying that dancing and more breakdancing that is mainly associated with hip hop is an effective way of exercising and consequently releasing stress. One of the most common activities among hip-hop lovers is dance tackles and competitions among groups, specifically students.

This offers an alternative option from working out in the gym, which is not everyone’s cup of tea. The practice sessions keep them busy and out of trouble while also staying in good shape.

Hip hop improves the levels of happiness.

Anything that makes you happy consequently reduces your stress levels, right. Hip hop lovers are known to go deep into it. Their hearts beat hip hop; their walking style portrays hip hop; even their way of talking is hip hop-ish (if such a word exists).

When you are engaging in something that you are passionate about, there is no way your happiness hormones will not come alive. The happiness makes the students have healthy relationships with authorities, their peers, and even the other members of their families.

School also becomes a place that they constantly want to be in and get better grades.

Hip hop brings a sense of community.

Hip hop lovers tend to hang around each other a lot, listening to the dopest playlists engaging in rap battles and dance tackles. Such socialization brings about a sense of belonging to a family. Relationships are also born from there, some of which last a lifetime.

Having close friends who understand your being is a sure way of relieving stress while in college. Some students come from broken families and have never had meaningful relationships until they join college.

Studying is also challenging and can be stressful at times. There is no better way of getting rid of that stress than getting together with friends after school and jamming to your favorite hip-hop tunes.

Hip hop has been misunderstood for the longest time. It is about time people started looking out for the positive impact of this timeless genre on the community, especially the younger generation. It gives them a sense of life and a sense of belonging.

Because of this realization, colleges started offering courses on hip hop, either as an entire field of study or a unit under another course. The study of hip hop can fit in several areas, such as sociology, history, philosophy, and cultural studies, among others.

Research conducted in one of the universities indicated that since the introduction of hip hop as a field of study, the number of students who remain in school until they graduate had increased tremendously. Most college dropouts have always been kids from difficult backgrounds.

The relationship between hip hop and them staying through school is evident.

The hip-hop culture is also spreading out of America at a high rate, aided by music streaming technology.  

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