How to Get an A Even if You Hate Writing Assignments

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Whatever degree you choose to pursue, there is no way to avoid essay writing. Moreover, written assignments often take up a huge percentage of the final grade. Hence, getting an A on your final paper is a must. But it will be a hard task if you absolutely despise written assignments. 

Luckily, there are a few easy tips to incorporate into your writing routine to flip your negative perception. And even though you might not start enjoying your written tasks like experts from an spanish homework help do, it would be much easier to complete them. So, consider following these seven simple steps and get an A on every essay without torturing yourself!

Create Positive Environment

The first thing to change is your working space. If you’re discouraged just by the mere thought of starting your writing assignment, you will not be motivated in a cluttered space or stressful environment. So, the first thing to do is to tackle the space you feel the most comfortable in. 

If you’re feeling the best at home, make sure that your working space is clean and organized. Create a routine before writing. It could be lighting your favorite candle or putting on a curated playlist of instrumental music. And if you choose to work outside, be sure that it’s not a distracting environment. 

Flip Your Perspective on Research

The biggest struggle of academic essays is the preliminary research. It often becomes daunting and time-consuming, so you might already be drained when you get to writing. What is the way out? You can change your perspective on research, treating it like a curious inquiry.

Look at your research for any topic as honing your skills of critical thinking and developing an intelligent argument on your own. That is the approach taken by professionals at best assignment writing services, so it’s worth a try. Rely on credible sources only and read a bunch of academic articles – this will help you express yourself clearly and concisely.

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Find the Balance Between Your Interest and Paper Requirements

Another significant issue that often makes people loathe essay writing and seek assignment help is dealing with dull or uninspiring topics. However, there’s always a way to find something interesting if you approach your topic correctly.

Consider asking yourself the following questions:

  • How does your interest fit into the topic? For example, if you’re passionate about literature, you can do your history assignment on a literary movement of a certain period. 
  • How can you use your accumulated knowledge? If you’re interested in something, you’ve probably already done your research on the matter. And you can always use it to your advantage in your argumentative essay.

Have Databases of Credible Sources at Hand

One of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks is finding credible sources. Academic papers require using only peer-reviewed articles and reliable publications that have to be at most ten years old. A seasoned assignment writer always knows how to find the most suitable sources in the shortest time because they know where to search.

Notably, you can do that as well. Plenty of databases like Google Scholar and EBSCO have peer-reviewed sources on any topic. Thus, you won’t have to check the reliability of each source that came up in your Google search. Have everything bookmarked and easy to access so you can start working on your assignments without a hitch.

Use Essay Maps

To ease up the process of writing, try incorporating essay maps. Each type of essay has a particular flow and structure. The easiest way to write an excellent assignment is to replicate the already existing one. It does not mean copying or plagiarizing but rather using a well-written piece as your template while building up your own argument. 

So, the essay map works as such:

  • Find an essay on the Internet that you like;
  • Note what makes it good: vocabulary, flow, paraphrasing, etc.; 
  • Apply the same principles to your essay.

Be sure to prepare the essay maps for every type of written assignment. Thus, you’ll have the necessary templates at hand and will know what makes each type of essay work. 

Master the Right Essay Structure

When you “do my assignment for me” request, you see that it always has a structure that includes an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Depending on the type of paper, there also can be such parts as an abstract, methodology, or literature review. But the core of any essay stays the same. And it is a great thing that helps you deal with your assignments efficiently. 

The structure tells you what you need to write in each part. For example, an argumentative essay implies that you have to write a paragraph with an argument backed up by a reputable source and another paragraph of counter-argument. Thus, you have a clear idea of how much space has to be dedicated to each part and can plan your paper accordingly. 

Use Apps to Help You Edit and Proofread

Browsing the Internet is often considered to be a distraction from studies. However, there are plenty of applications that can help you be more effective and fast with your editing and proofreading. Usually, the editing process is the final stage of the assignment that often gets neglected. And that’s the exact reason why you can miss your chance to get an A. 

Hence, to avoid losing your points to negligence, run your paper through a spelling-checking app like Grammarly. It will help you correct words that you accidentally misspell, eliminate wordiness, and adjust your vocabulary to academic standards. 

However, do not leave your paper to software editing only. Use it to speed up the process but do the final check yourself. 

Wrapping Up

Here you have it. To set the right mood, prepare your space before work and develop a positive perspective on preliminary research. If you find the task boring, consider what can spark your interest in the topic. Finally, to speed things up, have credible sources at hand, try out essay maps, and use reliable software to assist you in editing and proofreading. 

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