How to Get Into Oxford or Cambridge University

Oxford and Cambridge Universities are among the oldest Universities in the world. Oxford and Cambridge, collectively known as Oxbridge, are highly sought after by academics. Their world-standard infrastructures, innovative and modern structures of teaching, and well-structured social systems all contribute to why it is highly coveted.6

Applying to Oxbridge can be different from other universities. Because of its high standard, applicants are made to go through a thorough application process as emphasizes attracting the best and brightest students. One of the requirements is writing their application test.

A friend of mine once applied and was successful with the assistance of Oxbridge Mind. Oxbridge Mind is an online tutorial service that offers a wide range of tutorial services for the Oxford application and Cambridge application. They have past papers that applicants can use to make adequate preparation for writing the admission tests.

Should You Apply For Oxbridge?

Cambridge or Oxford is among the top universities in the world. They have a learning environment propitious to foster learning. They have well-trained and certified educators to nurture and educate talents. Oxbridge boast of alumnus that are blazing trails in different professions.

Oxbridge Application Process

Select a Course

Before you apply for university admission, the applicant must have chosen a course. The course they choose determines which career path is open for them and where they will be, career-wise, in the future. Before applying to Oxbridge, ensure that you have selected the course you want to study. 

At the undergraduate level at Oxbridge, you can apply to only one course, nor can you apply to both universities in the same year. You can go to the websites of Oxford and Cambridge universities or Undergraduate Study to check the courses available and choose.

Choose College or Open Application

Oxford and Cambridge have 39 and 31 colleges, respectively, that offer different courses and have their campuses situated at different locations. On the UCAS form, you can fill out the college you want to attend. If you do not have a specific college in mind, you can submit an open application and be placed in a college that offers the course you are applying for.

It may seem tempting to apply to a college that is less competitive but it is best to consider if the course you are applying for will open job opportunities for you.

Write a Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement is an important requisite in the Oxford university application and Cambridge University application process. A personal statement is a written statement that highlights the unique abilities and experiences the applicant possesses. It is an important aspect of the application process as it allows you to take about yourself and your passions and gives you an edge in being selected.

Because application to Oxbridge is highly competitive, you must make your personal statement personal and outstanding. Since the schools are looking for the best applicants, show them you are among the best to be chosen.

Add Academic References

During application, referees are needed to provide a reference for you. At the UCAS undergraduate level, only one reference is needed. The reference is someone that can talk about your suitability for a university, and work ethic, and can act as your academic advisor. A reference helps the universities gain a holistic view and impression of the applicant who is applying and gauge their attributes and ambitions.

References from respected academics, teachers, community leaders, and coaches will make the applicant stand out. Take due diligence in crafting references that will give your application to be accepted.

Apply Via UCAS

If you want to study at Oxford or Cambridge, you need to apply by completing an online UCAS application form. UCAS, short for  University and Colleges Admissions Service, is a UK admission service that makes the application process easy and fair for everyone. The stages of the UCAS application include:

  • Fill out your personal information
  • Add your education history
  • Include your employment history and experience
  • Select your course choices
  • Write your personal statement
  • Request your application
  • Submit your application
  • Pay your application fee

Applicants can apply directly but going through the UCAS is more beneficial as is affordable, and the response time on the application is quicker. 

Admission Tests

Most Cambridge and Oxford, graduate application courses, require applicants to write an admission test as part of the application process. The test is essential to weigh and compare the abilities of students who come from different educational backgrounds and institutions.

Scoring a high score proves to the university that you have a high-quality educational background to perform academically when given a place. You can prepare for Oxbridge’s academic tests by studying past question papers. Studying past papers has proven useful to past applicants of these colleges. You can get past question papers at Study Mind.

When is the Deadline for Oxbridge Applications?

The deadline for the Oxbridge applications is on the 15th of October, 2023. All the application processes must be completed and submitted before or on this date. It is not been proven that early submission increases your chances of your application getting accepted.

Submitting it later is much better as you will have enough time to research your course and know which admission test and grade are required for entry.


How long does it take Oxbridge to respond to an application?

It takes around 8 to 10 weeks after the deadline for a decision to be made.

When should I start applying for Oxbridge?

Applications are open from May until 15th October 2023. This arrangement stays the same every year.

How can a foreign student get into Oxbridge?

All international students must meet the application requirements of Oxbridge and apply through UCAS.

How can I increase my chances of getting into Oxbridge?

Maximizing your chances of securing a place at Oxbridge involves being clear about why you are applying in your personal statement, creating an outstanding personal statement, and preparing for the admission test and interview.

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