MBA in Business Analytics: Owning your future by debunking myths

The digital turn has enabled businesses to leverage the use of technology to make sharper business decisions.

Whilst the new digital turn is here, it has also enabled many businesses to better leverage the use of technology to make sharper business decisions.

Graduates with an MBA in business analytics will be central to this emerging trend. They become highly employable professionals who are highly valued by their employers.

While analytics draws into knowledge and innovation in computing, managerial skills place such knowledge within the context of the organisation. A combination of both is the skill of this generation as industry 4.0 is founded on the revolutions made possible by Big Data. 

Clearly, with an MBA in business analytics, you have the chance to be a top employee with a handsome CTC. 

But there’s more to this degree that has not yet become common knowledge. 

Adding that extra edge with MBA in business analytics

  • A global phenomenon

Business analytics is yet to be part of all business sectors in India. It has caught up quite rapidly in a few, while in others it is likely to take some more time. However, the demand for the skills of an MBA in business analytics is far from being just local. In fact, there is a global demand for professionals with a robust skill-set in business analytics.

Thus, there is a strong chance that after completing your degree you will be able to secure a professional opportunity in the first world. No other MBA has the potential to make you employable globally. If you are a wanderlust and find yourself at home in different cultures, an MBA in business analytics might be enough to land you into your dream job.

  • The future is yours

The fact that the digital turn is also rapidly catching up with Indian business means that the demand for professionals in India is here to stay. What’s even more exciting is the fact that it is slated to grow quickly and fast in the future. Very soon, a time will come when all sectors will need business analytics skills. 

Professionals in this field are already highly valued by businesses all over the world. With an MBA in business analytics, you have a chance to own the future. If you graduate from a top college, you will get ample opportunities to hone your skills through industry exposure and a life of reputation and success will follow.

Top 3 colleges for MBA in Business Analytics  

1. GEMS B-school 

GEMS B School is a premiere management education institute in the tech capital of India. It is a unique work-study curriculum where students are placed in a domain of their choice, right at the beginning of the course. They have to work Monday-Friday and attend classes on Saturday and Sunday. 

The balance of industry experience and theoretical learning makes it a perfect option for students who wish to prioritise industry experience. The course is conducted in collaboration with KPMG and at the end of the course students end up with a degree as well as relevant domain experience.  

2. Sandip University

At Sandip University, the MBA in Business Analytics program is conducted in collaboration with IBM. Course material pAt Sandip University, the MBA in Business Analytics program is conducted in collaboration with IBM. Course material prepared by industry experts from IBM is made variable to students along with regular lectures. At the end of the course, students not only receive a degree but also industry certification from IBM.

Moreover, Sandip University’s collaboration with Sunstone Eduversity will imply that students will have access to over 400 recruiters on board. Besides, WIth cutting-edge training and skills, students will be well-trained and highly skilled professionals who will have the potential to be leaders in their domain.

3. Shiv Nadar University

SNU is one of the best private institutions in India that proudly boasts elite-level professional education. The 2 years MBA in Business Analytics program is conducted in online mode with live and interactive classes. Students can also access recorded lectures, which gives a degree of flexibility to their learning. 

Moreover, there are 1200 recruiters keen to tap into the quality education that Siv Nadar consistently delivers. Alongside the online classes, there are also on-campus residences with ample opportunities to interact with the faculty and experts. With a badge from Shiv Nadar, graduates are valued highly by recruiters, and employment is just a matter of time.    


After doing this specialisation, you will be among the most employable professionals in the digital world. The skills you will develop are for the present and future. The market for those skills will only go up in the coming years. However, you need to make sure that you choose the institute with a lot of care and observation. 

A good institute will be able to boost your career significantly by allowing you to start at a top position and climb the corporate ladder in quick steps thereafter. 

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