Student Bookshelf: American literature novels that are better than any modern movie at entertaining you

Reading and watching movies are two of the most relaxing activities people do and love. They are hobbies for some, and true passions for others. Many movies have been made after books but the results were not satisfactory. Indeed, in some cases, you might say that a movie illustrates a story, or a character better than the book.

But you will rarely hear an English teacher say this. Usually, in the movie-making process, some details are lost. The producer imagines the book in a certain way, which might limit the imagination of some movie watchers. As a student, you might wonder what American literature novels are better than any modern movie at entertaining you.

Many students prefer watching movies as this might feel more relaxing and handier. But reading comes with many benefits. And considering that some books are definitely better than any modern movie, you should give reading a try. Here are some benefits of reading and a few examples of American literature you can read in college.


One of the misconceptions of many students is that they cannot have fun if they stay in a corner or their room reading a book. You only stay in the bed or a comfy chair and read, you barely move, and you just keep your eyes on paper.

Even though from the outside it might seem like a really boring activity, reading can be engaging and entertaining too. Not only movies, who might present the action in a catchy and captivating way, can help you have fun. Some books are definitely better than movies, so you might be surprised at how well they can entertain you. Some papers online share more information on the topic, as with every American literature essay provided by Writingbros that helps you understand the advantages of reading better. There are literature samples they mention that you can check so that you expand your view on books and movies.

Making Your Brain Stronger

As a student who wants to pursue academic goals and complete all their tasks, you are probably looking for ways to make your brain stronger. There are a few tips and tricks you could put to practice, such as getting enough sleep, eating well, and not putting too much strain on your brain. But reading is another technique you could use as this is one of the main benefits.

When you read, circuits in your brain light up. As you read more and more, they become stronger. This improves your brain connectivity, which helps you be more present, but aware of sensations and emotions too.

Expanding Vocabulary and Developing Knowledge

Besides the advantages highlighted above, reading helps you develop your knowledge and expand your vocabulary. You make contact with new ideas, but with new ways of expressing those ideas, thoughts, and emotions too. You learn new things not only about the world presented in the book but about other social, moral, and psychological ideas too.

Each author has a unique writing style and uses words or idioms you might not have used until now, and this helps you expand your vocabulary. This, in turn, improves your communication skills as you learn how to express your thoughts and emotions using specific words.

So, what books should you have on your bookshelf? Here are some great suggestions you should not miss reading.

American Literature Novels

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of the greatest American novels you should read and have on your bookshelf. No movie could capture the beauty of this novel, but also the pain and suffering some characters went through.

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

The story takes place during The Great Depression and it offers a great insight into the troubles, challenges, and obstacles people went through back then. A lot of economic, agricultural, bank and industry changes led to one of the blackest periods in history.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

This is one of the greatest American literature novels every student should read. If you are in for an adventure that will make you laugh, relax, and remind you of childhood, then you should definitely read this book.

Final Thoughts

Books and movies are among the things that help us unwind, relax, and forget about our troubles for some moments. Even though the movie industry is developing at a fast pace, some American novels are better than any modern movie at entertaining you. Reading comes with many advantages and benefits that will help you tremendously.

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