10 Action Comedy Movies If You liked The Lost City”

Movies Similar To The Lost City

“The Lost City” is the newest action comedy received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed $190 million worldwide against a $68 million budget and stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

The film follows a popular author who writes adventure-romance novels featuring a cover man named Alan. When she is kidnapped by a mastermind looking for a lost treasure, she and Alan must find a way out (and even find The Lost City).

The movie is incredibly hilarious and heartwarming. For fans in need of a comedy movie with a hint of danger, there are quite a few good choices for the next movie night.

‘The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent’ (2022)

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent stars Nicolas Cage playing a fictionalized version of himself and Pedro Pascal as a dangerous superfan. Nicolas Cage, down on his luck and creatively and economically ruined, is recruited by the CIA to accept a $1 million offer to attend a criminal superfan’s birthday party.

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is supposed to be a hilarious movie, and any fan of Cage or Pascal will adore this film.

‘Free Guy’ (2021)

Ryan Reynolds returns to the big screen as a bank teller who realizes he is living in a video game. Guy, his character, decides to make his own life and rewrite himself.

With a conniving video game developer who steals game codes on his tail, Guy must team up with other players and characters to change this video-game world for good. Free Guy is so action-packed, exciting, and just genuinely fun. GTA fans will get a kick out of this movie!

‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ (2022)

By far one of the best movies of 2022, Everything Everywhere All At Once is the mind-bending multi-versal action-comedy watch that fans of Marvel have been looking for. The movie follows a Chinese immigrant as she navigates familial, economic, and marital hardships.

When a multi-versal traveler jumps into her life, she is sent on a dangerous (and hilarious) mission to bring balance among the universes to save existence as a whole. This movie is unbelievably thought-provoking, so much so many people had to watch multiple times!

‘Bullet Train’ (2022)

Bullet Train is a very new movie starring Brad Pitt who plays a determined assassin by the name of Ladybug. He is simply training to do his job after past jobs have seemingly gone wrong.

This particular mission, however, has him on the same path along with many enemies and, not to mention, on the fastest train in the world. This movie is definitely a bit more action-packed but is supposed to be quite humorous as well. It should be an exciting watch nonetheless.

‘The Nice Guys’ (2016)

The Nice Guys is a 2016 action-buddy-comedy starring Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe. In 1977, an unsuccessful private eye named Holland March (Gosling) is forced into an unlikely partnership with a hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Crowe) after a young woman named Amelia disappeared.

As they begin their investigation, they go on a raucous adventure through dark and deathly places. This movie is a phenomenal watch and should be enjoyed with friends—there’ll be quite a number of laughs.

‘Red Notice’ (2021)

Red Notice is yet another action-comedy movie starring Reynolds. Gal Gadot and Dwayne Johnson also star opposite Reynolds. The film follows an FBI agent following the world’s most wanted art thief, but the two form an unlikely partnership as they try to catch another thief who outsmarts them.

Red Notice is a new movie, and was present in Netflix’s Top 10 movies for quite a while. And who doesn’t love ‘The Rock?’

’21 Jump Street’ (2012)

A classic comedy film, 21 Jump Street follows two cops (Jonah Hill and Tatum) as they use their youthful appearances to go undercover at a high school and bust a dangerous drug ring. As things progress, they realize the problem is bigger than they originally thought.

Hill and Tatum are absolutely perfect together as this unprofessional and unpredictable duo. This movie is definitely for mature audiences, though. Nevertheless, this classic movie should be enjoyed at least once in a lifetime.

‘Spy’ (2015)

Spy is a 2015 Melissa McCarthy movie that follows CIA Analyst Susan Cooper (McCarthy) who must step into an undercover assignment when her partner gets assassinated. She goes on a hilariously action-packed adventure throughout the world in order to stop an evil mastermind from selling a nuclear weapon.

McCarthy makes some of the funniest comedy movies out there, and she in an action-comedy is so worth the watch.

‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ (2014)

Yet another spy-themed movie, Kingsman: The Secret Service follows a top-secret espionage organization that recruits an unrefined street kid named Gary “Eggsy” Unwin (Taron Egerton).

While he is being trained, Richard Valentine (the incomparable Samuel L. Jackson) begins action on a plan to solve the climate crisis by simply killing everyone worldwide. Hopefully, Eggsy can stop him!

‘Day Shift’ (2022)

Day Shift is a comedy movie about a hard-working blue-collar father (Jamie Foxx) who joins the International Union of Vampire Hunters as a vampire hunter to provide for his wife and daughter. Joined by his friend Seth (Dave Franco) and even Snoop Dogg as a character named Big John Elliot, he sets out on his last chance to make $10,000.

This movie is extremely gore-heavy, so it may not be the first choice for anyone squirmy. However, for those that can handle it, Day Shift is horrifically funny.

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