10 Cartoon Characters Funnier Than The Main Cast

Cartoon TV comedies often boast a diverse cast of characters, and sometimes, the supporting ones steal the show with their hilarious antics. Unlike live-action shows, animated comedies can explore a multitude of personalities, thanks to voice acting magic. This allows for more recurring side characters who shine alongside the main cast, and in some cases, even outshine them. Let’s take a look at ten cartoon characters who have managed to capture our hearts with their comedic brilliance.

1. Hans Moleman (The Simpsons)

In the vast sea of characters on The Simpsons, Hans Moleman stands out as a true gem. Despite his numerous misfortunes and comically tragic accidents, this withered old man always manages to bounce back in the most absurd ways. Hans Moleman’s endless bad luck has made him an iconic character that adds a special charm to The Simpsons.

2. Evil Monkey (Family Guy)

The Evil Monkey, who once lurked in Chris’s closet, soon became more than a cutaway gag in Family Guy. With an entire plot dedicated to his character, the Evil Monkey remains a fan-favorite for the show’s viewers. Family Guy may not have as many characters as The Simpsons, but this quirky creation proves its ability to craft memorable side characters.

3. Steve “That Guy” Castle (Futurama)

Futurama’s vast universe introduced us to a multitude of unique characters, including Steve “That Guy” Castle. This duplicitous ’80s business person froze himself due to “boneitis,” only to wake up in the future and cause havoc at Planet Express. A hilarious parody of ’80s icons, Steve Castle’s antics provided laughter that Futurama fans fondly remember.

4. Bob Todd (American Dad)

American Dad’s Christmas episodes are a treat, and one particular side character stole the spotlight in an episode. Bob Todd, the unhinged rural dwelling man, hilariously taught Roger how to make moonshine while being surprisingly accepting of Roger’s alien identity. His appearance resulted in one of the show’s biggest laughs.

5. Mr. Nimbus (Rick and Morty)

Rick and Morty’s fifth season introduced us to the over-the-top and self-involved villain, Mr. Nimbus. Though his debut episode didn’t focus much on his character, Mr. Nimbus left a lasting impression on viewers. With his chaotic energy, he promises an exciting return in future episodes.

6. Mary Beth (Bojack Horseman)

Bojack Horseman featured numerous minor characters that brought laughter, but Mary Beth, the wife of Princess Carolyn’s therapist, stole the show with her convoluted tongue twisters. Her unique speech patterns, expertly delivered by voice actor Wanda Sykes, provided much-needed comic relief in the emotionally heavy series.

7. Vicky (Big Mouth)

While Big Mouth had its fair share of awkward pairings, Vicky, a friend of Andrew’s cousin, stood out as one of the most unsettling characters. Her series of inappropriate dares challenged Nick and made for an unforgettable, though unpleasant, addition to the show.

8. The Hardly Boys (South Park)

South Park’s parody of the Hardy Boys featured two clueless boy detectives more focused on their “raging clues” than solving mysteries. Despite their silliness, the absurdity of these characters made them a genius addition to the show’s comedic repertoire.

9. The Talking Toilet (Bob’s Burgers)

Bob’s Burgers surprised us with an inspired creation in the form of O.T., the talking toilet prototype that Gene falls in love with. Voiced by Jon Hamm, this semi-functional and confused toilet brought a fresh comedic touch to the show.

10. Hank Scorpio (The Simpsons)

Hank Scorpio, originally a Bond villain parody, evolved into a prescient portrayal of altruistic billionaires. His charismatic and energetic demeanor, voiced by Albert Brooks, elevated him from a limited role to a legendary cartoon side character.

While animated comedies primarily focus on their main cast, it’s these side characters that add depth, humor, and an extra layer of enjoyment to the shows. They prove that sometimes, it’s the supporting players who steal the spotlight and leave a lasting impression on audiences.

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