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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing franchise ever, and of its combined $27.6 billion in box office earnings, $15.7 billion of that total is from the franchise’s top ten alone.

With She-Hulk adding to the mythos of the Marvel Cinematic Universe back in 2022, the universe is gaining more super powered heroes and villains by the day. However, the MCU was built on the backs of two very different men. Captain America was a man who would do anything to protect those who depended on him. Iron Man was a hero who often looked out for himself, but would still sacrifice himself to save the world when the chips were down.

The heroes remaining in the MCU fall into one of those two camps, although there have been a few who have proved purely selfish at times. However, the characters the fans really fall in love with are the ones who remain loyal and heroic to a fault. These are the men and women who prove what it means to be a genuine superhero.

10 Ms. Marvel

Ms. Marvel is a perfect example of the next generation of MCU heroes. While the first Avengers team consisted of super spies, soldiers, and gods among men, Ms. Marvel is just a girl who wants to do what is right. She is also extremely loyal to her friends and neighborhood.

Kamala put her own life on the line to protect the people around her, the citizens on the street who didn’t have powers and often ended up as collateral damage for the bigger heroes battles. It paid off because her loyalty to the people in her neighborhood caused them to stand up and protect her when the time arose as well.

9 Spider-Man

Spider-Man has lived his life as an outsider his entire time in the MCU. He had more friends at school in this version and wasn’t quite the wallflower he was from his high school days in the comics. However, he was also someone who wanted to fit in, and that made him an extremely loyal ally.

Iron Man took an interest in him, and Spider-Man remained intensely loyal to his idol from that point on. He put his life on the line to protect his friends and to always do the right thing, even when he knew he was clearly outgunned. He even resisted sending his villains back to their own world and stood up for his beliefs, wanting to save them as well. It doesn’t get any more loyal than that.

8 Sif

Sif hasn’t appeared as much as the character deserves. After getting a nice introduction in Thor, she ended up going off on her own off-screen mission in Thor: The Dark World and didn’t show back up until Thor: Love and Thunder, other than a cameo on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

However, Sif remained one of the most loyal members of the Asgardian forces. She fought to protect and save Asgard and was willing to die to ensure that she protected those in need of assistance. Sif even lost an arm, but recovered and remained a loyal Asgardian, training the next generation of warriors.

7 Gilgamesh

Most of the Eternals members shared a strong relationship with each other, but once they separated, most of them went on their own way. That was not true for Gilgamesh. He made it his life mission to protect Thena, who found herself losing control one too many times.

Gilgamesh remained loyal to Thena to his death. He never once tried to find his own way in the world and stayed by her side, caring for her and ensuring that she remained safe. While he died, he did everything he could to protect his teammate until she could finally stand on her own.

6 Groot

It is easy to say that none of the Guardians of the Galaxy members are exactly loyal, not even to each other. The team fought together, grew together, and became a family as one. However, they were also unpredictable and often clashed with each other.

The one exception was Groot. He was extremely loyal to Rocket, and while their friendship was never explained other than their partnership, Groot and Rocket clearly loved each other. Even as a new teenage Groot, with his insolence, it was clear this was the same character who would die to protect his family.

5 Heimdall

Heimdall was the god that Odin trusted to watch over the Bifrost and protect Asgard from outsiders. He was the most loyal of all gods to his All-Father, and then later to Thor himself. When Loki took over Asgard, Heimdall remained loyal to his duty and went into hiding, where he protected Asgardians when Hela arrived.

Heimdall was there to help Thor when he needed it. Even after his death, he was still watching over his people from Valhalla. While he deserved his ultimate rest there, he still stood watch and remained the most loyal Asgardian in the MCU.

4 Happy Hogan

Happy Hogan started off his time in the MCU as Tony Stark’s right-hand man. He served as a bodyguard and the head of security for Stark International. When Stane took over, Happy remained loyal to Stark. When Tony went off the rails, he remained loyal to his friend.

Even when Iron Man died, Happy Hogan took his duties strongly. He remained there for Peter Parker, helping him as needed because he knew that is what Tony Stark would have wanted. He was more than a good employee. He was a loyal friend to the end.

3 Katy

Katy was a breath of fresh air in the MCU. While most women ended up as love interests of the superheroes, Katy was different. She and Shang-Chi were closer to best friends than lovers, and that was a nice change of pace.

She was also extremely loyal. When she realized that Shang-Chi was in danger and bad things were happening, she never left his side. When the big battle came at the end, Katy fought alongside the warriors even though she had no powers or training at all.Shang-Chi couldn’t have asked for a better friend.

2 Okoye

Okoye is a powerful Wakanda warrior and part of the Dora Milaje. This group is the fist of the Wakandan king, and Okoye proved in Black Panther how loyal she was to both her kingdom and her friends.

When T’Challa was king, she did anything asked of her and protected her nation. When Killmonger took over, she became loyal to him, even though she didn’t agree with his methods, because it was her duty. However, she also remained loyal to her friends and helped them escape while never betraying her new king. It is loyalty to a fault.

1 Captain America

Easily, the most loyal superhero in the MCU is Captain America. Steve Rogers wanted nothing more than to defend his country and became the Star Spangled Avenger to do so. He risked his life, time and time again, to save the world, both in the war and as a member of The Avengers.

While he and Iron Man went to war against each other, it was because of Cap’s loyalty to his longtime friend Bucky Barnes, and his desire to save his life. Everything Captain America did was in the name of his beliefs and morals, and no one could question his loyalty to his friends, allies, and beliefs.


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