10 Powerful Heroes & Villains Black Adam Has Defeated In DC Comics

Black Adam is a recurring antagonist/supporting character in the DC Comics, especially the Justice League and Shazam Family.

With Black Adamin theaters and leading the DC Extended Universe into an unknown future, all eyes are on the mercurial antihero. Mostly known as Shazam’s main villain, Black Adam really came into his own in the DC crossover event 52. During this event, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Batman left, and DC released a comic a week for a year focusing on the rest of the heroes during this break. One of these was Black Adam.

This gave the villain a chance to show a different side. He ended up much more sympathetic but remained deadlier than ever and even started World War III. He also took down several heroes and villains during this event, just one of several times that Black Adam beat some very powerful DC heroes and villains.

10 Ahk-Ton

The most powerful DC Comics character that Black Adam defeated after serving as Egypt’s protector for a millennia was Ahk-Ton. This was an evil ruler who gained his powers from the Orb of Ra, making him the first Metamorpho. Ahk-Ton ruled Egypt, but made one mistake when he attacked Kahndaq.

When he ravaged Black Adam’s home country and slaughtered his family, Adam swore revenge. While he needed help from time travelers, including Hawkman and Shazam, he finally captured Ahk-Ton and killed him in a rage of vengeance.

9 Brutus

Little was known about Brutus, although he later appeared on Naomi on The CW. However, in DC Comics, he showed up and wanted to take down the Justice League. In this first appearance, he encountered Black Adam in Kahndaq.

The Justice League arrived to help, but they realized Adam needed no aid. Protecting his country, Black Adam soundly beat Brutus, causing the alien to flee through a portal. This fight was all it took for Superman to invite Black Adam to join the Justice League.

8 Mongul II

There was actually a time in his life where Black Adam became a full-fledged member of the Sinestro Corps. This was thanks to his friendship with Sinestro himself. At one time, Sinestro needed help in his war with the Paling and came to Adam for help since he had fought them before.

During this war, the Paling attacked Earth, and they brought Mongul II with them. Mongul II was more powerful than ever thanks to the Pale Vicars amplifying his powers. It still wasn’t enough for a yellow-ring wearing Black Adam who used the combined powers along with help from Saint Walker to bring down the alien conqueror.

7 Ultraman

Black Adam is not beneath asking for help, or offering it when someone asks nicely. When Ultraman and his Crime Syndicate attacked Earth in Forever Evil, it was up to some villains to defeat them. For those unaware, Ultraman is an evil version of Superman from Earth 3, with all his powers and no morality.

When Ultraman and Black Adam first fought, the Superman variant defeated him badly, crushing his jaw in his hands. However, Black Adam won out in the end while working with Sinestro. He did this interestingly by moving the moon out of a forced eclipse, and that was Ultraman’s fundamental weakness, helping to bring down the entire Crime Syndicate.

6 Sobek

In the 52 storyline, Black Adam turned over a new leaf. He married Adrianna Tomaz and granted her the power of Isis. He also saved her younger brother Amon and granted him powers as Osiris. However, when Osiris befriended a talking crocodile named Sobek, it marked the end.

Sobek was actually Yurrd (Famine), one of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips. He created a famine that killed Isis and then murdered Osiris in cold blood. In a state of rage, Black Adam attacked Sobek and ripped his jaws in half, killing the mythical being instantly.

5 Azraeuz

Black Adam’s thirst for vengeance had him tear through the other members of the Four Horsemen of Apokolips, but it was when he reached Azraeuz, Death, that he had his toughest battle. The two had a furious battle when he tracked him to the nation of Bialya.

Black Adam then slaughtered every man, woman, and child in the country in his rage. Death grew even more powerful thanks to the genocide and seemed ready to overpower Adam. However, not even Death, at his full power, had a chance and was defeated by Black Adam.

4 Young Frankenstein

The Teen Titans showed up to battle Black Adam during World War III. He had already beaten Doom Patrol and destroyed China’s Great Ten. Beast Boy and Raven led the Titans against Black Adam, and after he beat Hawk & Dove, Young Frankenstein attacked him.

This led to Black Adam showing slight mercy by just ripping off the young hero’s arms, felling him in battle, but letting him live. However, Beast Boy ignored Raven’s pleas to pull back and raged ahead. This caused Black Adam finally to lose his temper, and he murdered Terra by punching a hole through her body.

3 Hawkman

Black Adam has a complicated relationship with the Justice Society, which will play out in his big screen movie. There are a few heavyweights on that team, with Doctor Fate and Hawkman at the top of the list. Of the two, Adam has a sound defeat of Hawkman.

This happened in the post-World War III storyline Black Adam: The Dark Age. Adam was without his powers and searching for a way to resurrect his dead wife. The JSA was hunting him down to make him pay for his war crimes. Adam got his powers back temporarily and ended up in an airborne battle with Hawkman. Adam beat Hawkman into a bloody mess before returning to his quest.

2 Superman

Superman and Black Adam have fought several times in DC Comics. The two are actually friendly with each other now, Superman even asking Adam to join the Justice League. However, when they did battle, their fight shook the world.

Superman often always needs help in beating Adam. When they fight one-on-one, Black Adam has an advantage thanks to his use of magic. In Action Comics #831, Black Adam tried to stop Doctor Psycho and Superman thought Adam was the villain and attacked him. Black Adam was nearing a win when Lois Lane threw Psycho off the roof and Superman yielded to save the man, giving Adam a hollow victory.

1 Martian Manhunter

Many DC fans consider Martian Manhunter to be equal to Superman in power levels. The two are aliens with superhuman strength and durability. Manhunter even has an even bigger advantage with his psychic abilities. However, he stood no chance against Black Adam.

During the World War III storyline, Martian Manhunter went to stop Black Adam. First, Adam used a blast of lightning to vaporize Manhunter, and then he allowed him to use his psychic powers to reach into his mind. Black Adam only laughed and let him see all the hate and rage within him. Manhunter ran and went into space with tears in his eyes.

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